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This site is for people who have their own horses and mules.
There are also links to other pages that have camping and trail information listed.
This web site is a collection of trails and places to camp and ride submitted by trail riders, so send E-mail with State, closest town, directions, miles of trails, phone number of camp, water available.
The purpose of this page is to list horse campgrounds, trail head's, trails, overnight places to stay, and 5 day rides or trail rides that are BYOH trail rides that are open to the public.
If you are interested in hosting fellow horsemen who are on the road for an overnight stay please submit your name, address, phone.
Links to pages with general trail rider information  Don't miss this section, lots of good stuff here.

General trail rider information section contains: Horse Packing do's and dont's, publications, links to forest service web pages, Canada Trails, camping equipment, riding apparel

Warning!!. Always call ahead. Sometimes places are closed and there have a couple of instances when the information listed here was incorrect. If you find any incorrect information please let me know ASAP.

Bulletin Board

Use it to post questions, request information, provide information or invite other riders for a trail ride.
Be sure to include the date for trail rides so I can remove it when the ride is over.
You can use it for most any information exchange
Do not use it to sell real estate or stuff like that.
Messages concerning Dated events such as trail rides will be removed when the event is over.
All other messages will be removed after 30 days, if you still need it listed just put it back on again.

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How do I list a place on the Horse and Mule Trail Guide USA ?

If you know of any places that are not listed on the Horse and Mule Trail Guide USA, please send an E-Mail
with the name of the place, closest town, directions from nearest landmark (a town or Highway) and contact information.

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