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Trails, Campgrounds and Overnight Hosts

Rocky Mountain National Park
Maps: Trails Illustrated, maps for Rocky Mountain National Park. 1-800-816-7662
Mail address for Trails Illustrated maps:
Rocky Mountain Nature Association, Dept., M
Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park CO. 80517
Local phone 303-586-1258
Rocky Mountain National Park information packet:
Superintendent, Rocky Mountain National Park
Estes Park, Colorado 80517

National Park (Estes area): The forest service recommends the following trails. There are 260 miles of trails in RMNP this represents 80% of all trails.

Bear Creek Park, Lakewood (Denver area)
State Park: Denver, 14 miles of trail, don't know about camping, ever been there?
Bear Creek park Click Here

Golden Gate Canyon State Park guest house
4 bedroom guest house sleeps eight, that is all that we allow to sleep in the house.
2 electrical RV sites on the premisis will allow an additional 6 people per site for a total of 20 possible people(and horses) on the property at any time
$220.00 per night minimum 2 night stay, NO PETS allowed(except horses)
2 corrals with water available (chlorinated, puts some horses off)
Full kitchen with basic cooking supplies, gas grill
2 fire places
Individual gas heaters in every room
1 master bath, one 3/4 bath
Chiminea on patio for fires out side

The phone number is 303-582-3707
Golden Gate Canyon State Park Click Here
E-Mail: Dominique Marks Click Here

Colorado State Forest
Directions: Highway 14 up the Poudre Canyon to Gould, CO. Once at Gould, turn right at the KOA campground. You will see the Colorado State Forest booth to enter the forest. It costs $7.00 a day to camp in the forest. Drive all the way to the end of the dirt road (about 10 miles). We have a big rig (31' gooseneck) and have no problems - the road is in good shape. There are several places to pick from in the trees around the loop. There is a restroom facility, no water in the camping area. There is a creek to water horses about 150 yards from camp.

The trails are old logging roads with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Two of our favorite rides are to Clear Lake and Kelly Lake. You need to have a horse that is in good shape because it does get somewhat steep right before you get to the lakes. Kelly Lake has a boggy area just before you get to it that is something to stay away from during spring run off. One of the trail volunteers told us they were going to work on it to make it safer for horses to cross that area. We didn't have any problems with it in July and August. We saw elk, moose and deer which made the ride even more beautiful. While eating lunch at Kelly Lake, a young mountain sheep decided to check us out and came within 50 yards of us. Once we moved to get his picture, he darted off into the forest.

They have lots of other trails to explore. We have only been there twice, so we have a lot of exploring to do yet. Hope you enjoy this area as much as we did. We plan to go back next summer.
PH 970-723-8366

Happy Trails, Bob and Kaye Russell
E-Mail: Submitted by: Kaye & Bob Russell Click Here

Highway 149 to Forest Road #520, go 10 miles to stock unloading area just before the 30-Mile campground. Pull into stock area and find a good spot to camp, we like to go to the back and camp along the creek. We used an electric fence for our horses and the creek was right there for watering them. Call the Divide Ranger District for more information at 1-719-657-3321.

The Weminuche Creek Trail and the Squaw Lake Trail begin at the 30-Mile campground. You will need to ride about 1/2 mile from the stock unloading area to the 30-Mile CG, follow the horse trail signs to the trailhead. The first hour of the Weminuche trail is somewhat steep with switchbacks but after that it levels out and follows the creek. Some beautiful scenery. We rode for about 6 hours on this trail. The Squaw Creek trail leads to Squaw Lake - fabulous ride and scenery that is outstanding. It took us 8 hours to ride from camp to Squaw Lake and return to camp.

This area is probably good for about 2-3 days of riding. The ranger district said there are camping places near Del Norte (San Francisco creek area) that has some great trails. This is a place we plan to check out next year(summer of 2002).
Have fun. Happy Trails.
Submitted By: Kaye & Bob Russell Click Here

Chatfield State Recreation area
Littleton: Trails Camping?? Ph 303-791-7275

Lion Gulch Trail
Bolder: trail Ph 970-444-6600

Lory State Park
Bellevue: camping, trails, PH 970-493-1623

Poudre Canyon, and Jack's Gulch Campground, north of Fort Collins
Fort Collins: Poudre Canyon is north of Fort Collins. We go I25 north and exit Hwy. 14, go west until you come to Hwy. 287, go north out of Fort Collins until you come to the Poudre Canyon exit (Ted's Place is on the corner). This canyon winds around a lot so the going is slow, but it's pretty and worth it. It's quite a ways to the Pingree Park turn off so watch for it after you see Kelly Flats. Turn at Pingree Park and follow it until it comes to a vee in the road, merge to the left and watch for JACK'S GULCH campground. It has a setup for Equestrian Camp sites with corrals (only 2 sites that will accommodate large rigs), fire grates, picnic tables, and rest room. It is$12/night. You take an Equestrian loop out of the campground and follow FLOWER road for about 2 miles until you come to a trail marker LITTLE BEAVER CREEK trail and take that to the left and cross a couple of creeks and come to a trail marker that says FISH CREEK / BEAVER CREEK trails. We took the FISH CREEK trail and followed it for several miles - very pretty. You are in the trees and follow a creek. It sure was nice and cool on a hot day! The ride back was just as enjoyable. We have taken the BEAVER CREEK trail before and it'll make a loop back to FLOWER road. There is a 1940's plane crash that still has remains of it up the FLOWER trail. Bob and I have never found it although they say it is now marked on the trail so you know when to ride off and look at it.

If you get a chance get Trail's Illustrated Map #112 (Poudre River/Cameron Pass). It has lots of neat trails in it. We have also ridden the West Branch/Rawah Trails shown on this map. You can't camp at the West Branch TH (day parking is okay) but there is several spots along the road to camp - most of them are free. There is a loop you can make on those trails that takes most of a day. Really pretty.

Big rigs are very limited on horse camp sites?

E-Mail: Submitted by: Kaye & Bob Russell Click Here

Hall Ranch
Lyons: To find the Hall Ranch trails, go to Lyons, CO turn left on Hwy 7. Go 1 mile on Hwy 7 - look off to the right side of highway you will see two parking areas. The first parking area has only 1 spot for a horse trailer and the upper lot has about 5 spots. Parking is limited so arrive early if you want to get a place to park your rig.

There are restrooms, picnic area, but NO WATER available at the parking lot. Regulations are listed by the restrooms (no dogs allowed at this time). They are considering changing the rule on dogs and allowing them on leases. The trails are past the restrooms, one trail goes off to the left (for horses and hikers) and a trail off to the right (for hikers, mountain bikes, and horses). As of this writing, horses are allowed on the biking trails, but bikes are not allowed on the horse trails. We have ridden both trails and most mountain bike people have been respectful.

I would rate both trails as EASY. The bike trail does have a few rocky places. It takes about 2 hours to ride from the parking lot to the homestead cabin (there is a spring feed water tank at the homestead). This is the half way point in your ride.

Good place to ride in the spring, summer, and fall - shouldn't be any boggy places. Have fun!!!
E-Mail: Submitted by Kaye & Bob Russell Click Here

Rainbow Trail
Rainbow Trail, (about 180 miles on horseback) which starts on top of Marshall Pass which is west of highway 285 and ends up at the sand dunes in the San Juan Valley. I recommend that riders start at the trailhead which is on 285 going south out of Salida about 10-12 miles from town. If you start at Marshall Pass be prepared to spend half of a day just getting your animals and stuff up to the top. A place to park only and unload is all that is offered at the trailhead on 285. The Rainbow trail is well marked You can store your animals in two places; one just west of the center of town on highway 50 and the other about 5 miles east. Lots of motels in town. You should not have a problem finding someone to haul you to the trailhead and then store your truck and trailer while you ride. First part of the trail begins with a long hard climb to the top. Lots of switchbacks and we did not find much water the first 3 days so be prepared. The ride is in high country and has little use. Horses and hikers only. The trail is directly behind and above Salida. You can get off or on at Methodist Mountain Rd which comes out on the east side of Salida in you need to. From here to Hayden Creek Campground is very pretty and has lots of water. About 25 miles past Hayden trails are found that will take you to the top of the Sangre D Christo mountains where there are lots of lakes (Brushy Creek, Lake of the Clouds, etc.) You cannot get up to them due to snow until July most years. Your next main stop is at the Alvarado Campground about 25 -30 miles down the trail. There is a tourist motel there called the Alpine Lodge (not fancy) that happens to have a 4 star restaurant! Good place to catch a shower and a fantastic meal. I would recommend that you get picked up here unless you want to do the entire thing. As with all Colorado high mountain trips OVER PREPARE for Mother Nature!
Submitted by John Nicholson Click Here
Rainbow Trail, (Music Pass)
5 day ride taken by Debra Racheter:
Me being from Arkansas and being quite the adventurer we used the Horse and Mule Trail Guide USA to plan another "DARE" trip.
We 2 ladies do this kind of trip once a year. We always have quite a time.

We used information of off the Horse and Mule Trail Guide USA to plan this Do It Yourself Ride
(Me being a guide here... I am not paying for one!)

Rainbow Trail
Colorado 5 day ride. No guide needed. Gps Co-ordinates are below.

From Westcliffe drive out South on highway 69 about 8 mile to the South Colony Rainbow trail Access. Turn right on right on County Road 115, then right on County Road 120. Drive 3/4 of a mile to the first intersection turn left and park vehicle well off road.

Rainbow Trail
(Music Pass)
From this point ride 2.5 miles up to the trail head and head South about 7 miles to Music pass and then back. Trail is real easy and straight forward and beautiful scenes of the Wetmore Valley below.

(South Colony Lake)
Return to the same parking area as the day before.

Then the following day we rode up to South Colony Lake. Once again ride up to the trail head and stay straight. It was a great ride to acclimate our horse to altitude. What a scenic ride it was. This was one of the most scenic rides I have ever been on. Some ledge riding involved.

South Colony Access to Alvarado Campgrounds,

Next day head, Pack horse in tow we rode from the South Colony access (outside of Westcliffe, Colorado, North on the Rainbow Trail to Alvarado Campgrounds area. Probably around 13 miles (too rugged to ride back in a one day trip, leave a vehicle at Alvarado to make this a one day trip). Taking the 1st trail that you come to on the South approach to Alvarado Campgrounds breaks their UNPOSTED rules, this trail makes you ride right through the campgrounds. Use the Comanche Trail entrance or the Veneable Trail Access. Camp in campsite #16. Keep horses in the field across the creek from this campsite. This campground will have a horsemen area in 2002 with 3 campsites. Until then you can get away with it doing it this way.

We stayed here for 2 days, we rode up Veneable Pass, the next day to Hermit Lake. Then we rode back to South Colony access. Total Mileage 71 miles for the 5 day trip.

Suggestion: Purchase a National Geographic Trail Map For the Sangre De Christo Range at the Gun and Pawn Shop across from the Westcliffe Chamber of Commerce.

GPS Co Ordinates for this ride are :
Intersection to park vehicle South Colony Access 37 59.60N 105 28.09 W
South Colony Lake 37 57.90 N 105 33.70 W
Alvarado Campground site 16 38 04.78 N 105.33.83 W
Hermit Lake Access at Rainbow Trailhead 38 06.56 N 105 36.04 W

Submitted by: Debra Racheter Click Here
Web Page Tall Pine Horse Resort Norfork, Arkansas Click Here

Durango Area
Durango area- 20 miles east of Durango is the town of Bayfield. Go due north from there. About 10 miles up on the right side is the Horseman's lodge. Clean but simple rooms some of which have a kitchen, corral for your animals. The Walker family (professional packers) who are salt of the earth live about a half mile down the road. For a small fee they will take you to the trailhead and pick you up when you finish. This trip is to the Weiuminichi Wilderness. You can leave your truck and trailer at the trailhead but there is no security there - your call. The trail head is about 15 miles or so from the motel on the north east part above the lake. The one you want is the Pine River Trail (everyone knows it). You follow the Pine River (lots of great campgrounds) through some of the most beautiful country in the nation. Lots of trails and you can ride for a couple of months on a different trail every day. Lots of lakes and water. Hikers and horses only, but starting to get crowded in places.
Submitted by John Nicholson Click Here

Continental Divide Trail
The Continental Divide Trail in lower west central Colorado from Lobo Overlook above Wolf Creek Pass to Weimunichi Pass - about 65 miles horseback. NOTE: 90% of this heart stopping and beautiful trail is above 12,000 feet and tree line and is submitted for the consideration of Highly experienced mountain riders only. This is a very late July to the end of August ride as snow will occur and often hides the trail in other months.
Plan to cover 1/2 or less of the distance you normally would in a day due to the altitude.
Here are two places you can begin this ride. The first one feeds from the "Pine River Trail" (see my write up on the Durango area ride) which you follow until you reach Weimunichi Pass and pick up the CD Trail there and head east. If you want to "test the waters" first I suggest that you pick up the trail from the Pine. If you don't like what you see you can always turn around and enjoy the rest of the Weimunichi Wilderness. The second trailhead is at the Lobo Overlook which is located about 2000 feet above the crest of Wolf Creek Pass. The semi well maintained gravel road (about 1.5 miles long) is located about 500 feet east of the crest of the pass and is well marked. This is in part a steep road with no place to turn around so be sure not to try to haul too much up unless you have power to spare. At the top is a weather station and lots of flat parking area. I have never seen more than two trailers and a couple of cars parked there at any time. Could serve as a base camp for those with campers that want to take day rides. You pick up the trail on the west side of the station.
Submitted by: John Nicholson Click Here

Mount Evans Wilderness area
Mount Evans Wilderness area. C470 W off of I 70 go south to 285, go W. There are several access points, I suggest a Pike National Forest map. Call 719-836-2031. They will also send you trail descriptions and directions. Warning: The FS uses #'s for the roads, these are not in evidence, I could not find the rd to Deer creek CG. There is dispersed camping available, no official horse CG's. Horses are allowed in Burning Bear CG, the corral there is private. The trails are spectacular. Abyss trail/Scott Gomer Trail weaves across a beautiful creek, up valleys, ascends a steep ridge and over to a small alpine lake, Abyss Lake. Many vistas, fairly easy except for a steep climb at the end. There are plenty of trails to easily spend a week and not repeat yourself.
E-Mail: Submitted by: Michael Shedd Click Here

Pagoda Peak, Routt, National Forrest, Colorado
Area: Pagoda Peak, Routt, National Forrest, Colorado
Nearest Town: Hayden, Colorado, located on US 40, West of Steamboat Springs.
Directions: From Hayden, go south past the fairgrounds on 53 RD. Follow 53 until it ends at a "T" intersection with 29 RD and turn left on to 29. Follow 29 RD east approximately 2.5 miles to 55RD and turn right onto 55. This road becomes 19 RD when you cross into Rio Blanco County. It then merges with and becomes 8 RD. Continue on 8 RD to Ripple Creek Pass. The trail head for TR1804 and 1803 is approximately half a mile past the summit of Ripple Creek Pass. There is plenty of room for trucks and horse trailers and an old sheppard's corral safe enough for the horses. There are no facilities like water or port-a-potties. TR 1803 goes off to the east; TR1804 goes west. We rode TR 1804.

This trail is open to horses, hikers and mountain bikers. I would describe the trail as mostly easy with short sections of moderate difficulty. The terrain varies from dense forrest to mountain meadow and is just plain beautiful. There are a number of shallow stream crossings and a few very soft boggy stretches to be aware of. My horse sunk up to his hocks in one of the bogs The trail runs between Pagoda Peak and Pagoda Lake where brook trout are plentiful.

I don't have a Trails Illustrated reference, but the area is on map 25 in the DeLorme topographic atlas for Colorado
Submitted By: Steve Wilson Click Here

US Air Force Academy Grounds, Colorado Springs, Colorado
If ever there was a place perfectly set up for a day's trail ride, this is it. The Academy is at the north west end of Colorado Springs so there is no need for camping. There is a large stable facility with an outdoor arena and round pen for warmming up or for just letting your horse stretch its legs. Naturally, there is plenty of water available here. The facility has horses for rent, or you are welcome to bting your own, and there is plenty of room for trailer parking. The best way to find the stable is to enter the academy grounds through the south entrance and get a map at the guard station. I've been there twice and I still need the map, but all the roads are paved and in excellent shape..

From the stable, trails go off in all directions. Some are wide and well maintained for groups of novice riderrs, others are simply game trails. The Academy occupies tens of thousands of acres, most of which are heavily treed with Ponderosa pines, and wildlife is plentiful. I've encountered deer and elk, and this weekend, met other riders who reported seeing a bear and two cubs. All the while just a stone's throw from Colorado Springs. If you head west from the stable, you will be riding high up in the foothils and can easily access national forrest lands via Forest Service roads. There is a way to ride all the way up to Rampart Lake, however this year's spring rains have washed out the trails and roads. Wait until they are rebuilt before attempting to reach the lake. If you head east, as we did, you can reach the historic Santa Fe Trail and ride the exact route traveled by settlers between Denver and Santa Fe. There are so many optioins for trails here that you could spend several days exploring, and there is every level of difficulty imaginable. This is a jewell, specially being so close to town.
Submitted By: Steve Wilson Click Here

Broken Arrow Homestead
Conifer: The lodge is a hand hewn log home located on 46 acres with a 6 stall horse barn. The lodge is 1/2 mile from highway 285 in Conifer and minutes from hundreds of acres of open space park trails.
Broken Arrow Homestead, 11609 Apache Trail, Conifer, Colorado 80433.
My phone is (303)807-2376, please call if you have any questions.
E-mail: Becky Sproul Click Here

Four Winds Farm
Del Norte: We are located in the western San Luis Valley in southern Colo. Hwy.160.
We have very limited horse facilities but riders are more than welcome to call and check if we have room for the nights they will be in the area. We also can handle two people in our "chicken coop". People must call in advance as we have many summer guests. We can provide trail information. We do not allow dogs.
PEOPLE FACILITIES: former chicken coop w/bath & kitchen for 2 persons.
room for RV/camper w/no hookups. Motels in town (4 miles).
HORSE FACILITIES: large pipe arena, water adjacent. Must provide own feed and buckets/feed containers.
RIDING AREA: approx. 10 miles to Nat'l. forest. Wonderful riding in foothills with wonderful scenery, petroglyphs and wagon tracks in winter.
For information or Res. please contact: Barb or Ken Carpenter, Four Winds Farm,
1164 nty. Rd. 30,
Del Norte, Colo.81132
1-719-852-4786 day or 1-719-657-3640 night.
E-mail: Barbara Carpenter Click Here

The Colorado Trail
It starts at the west side of Chatfield Lake and runs 470 miles west to Durango.
Contact the Colorado Trail Foundation at P.O. Box 260876, Lakewood, CO 80226
Submitted By: Click Here

Winding River Resort
Winding River Resort borders Rocky Mountain National Park and the Arapaho Forest at Grand Lake, Colorado and offers direct access to both the Park and Forest trail systems.
Abundant wildlife (elk,deer and moose) and scenery makes your trail ride spectacular.
For your horse, we offer runs with water. Cabins, rooms and camping is available on the property. Some meals are available. Season is May 15-Oct 1.
Directions from Denver: Take I-70 west to exit 232 (hwy 40), then Hwy 40 to Granby, then North on Hwy 34 to Grand Lake. Phone 970-627-3215 or 303-623-1121 or 1-800-282-5121.
Wes and Marcia House, proprietors, P.O. Box 629, Grand Lake, CO 80447.
E-Mail: Wes and Marcia House Click Here
Winding River Resort - web page Click Here

Sun Canyon Ranch, Mac, Gloria, and Meaghan McMahon
One of the finest facilities on the western slope. Heated wash stall and stable. Turn outs, Trails and a view to die for. Also available, accommodations for "horsey" people.
We offer a state of the art equine facility. The stable is new, with 12 x 12 stalls and a heated wash stall . We have turn outs, a round pen, and more than enough excercize area to satisfy anyone.
We offer camper hook ups and also have some primitive camp sites. We also have a room available for those who don't want to rough it quite so much.

Location: 6 miles north of Dove Creek, Colorado on Rd 8 ,in the senic and rugged 4 corners area of southwest Colorado. Minutes from Mesa Verde, Telluride, Monument Valley and the magnificent Dolores River Canyon.
E-Mail: Mac McMahon Click Here
Web page Sun Canyon Ranch Click Here

02082 road 8, Box 860
Dove Creek, Co 81324
Tel: 970-677-3377

Red Feather Ranch B&B and Horse Hotel
Fort Collins area: We've been in business for 2 years and are located 1 hr. Northwest of Fort Collins. Please visit our website at, it has a lot of details and policy info.
We have a number of recent guest references. We offer fantastic horse and guest accommodations with easy Roosevelt Nat. Forest access and miles of great trails with wonderful views. We are also members of PAII (Professional Assoc. of Innkeepers Int'l)

Just make one call to let us help you create fantastic memories at Red Feather Ranch B&B and Horse Hotel!

Your hosts: Steve and Ginny Horsmon
3613 County Road 68c Red Feather Lakes, Colorado 80545
Toll Free: 877-881-5215 Local: 970-881-3715 E-mail:
E-Mail: Steve and Ginny Horsmon Click Here
Web page Red Feather Ranch B&B and Horse Hotel Click Here

Horse Ranch Park
Gunnison: The trailhead and camping area is located 12 miles west of Crested Butte on Keebler Pass Road (Road #12). You will see a sign saying HORSE RANCH PARK on the right. Follow the road that loops around Horse Ranch Park and pull off into one of the sites that looks good to you - it is primitive camping and free. There are 2 main trails out of camp. One is the Dark Canyon Trail that leads to another trail called the Oh-Be-Joyful trail. To get to the other trail, ride on down Road #12 for less than 1/4 mile and you will see the Cliff Creek trail going to the left. Take that trail and you can access several trails to ride. One of the of the trails is Lost Lake and then on to Dollar Lake. Another is to take the trail to Beckwith Pass and from there you can access several other trails. The scenery is outstanding.

This is high country and boggy areas exist due to snow run offs. I would suggest that mid-July be the earliest to ride this area unless it's a very dry year. Please call the local national forest office to get current information. Have fun.
Submitted By: Kaye & Bob Russell Click Here

Black Paw Ranch
Gunnison National Forest area: We are preparing (May 2002) to open my ranch to fellow horseback riders with their own horses who wish to ride the trails near us in the Gunnison National Forest and the West Elk Wilderness of Colorado's Western Slope.
We will offer stalls, paddocks, pastures, feed, a roundring, and plenty of room for horse rigs with water and power hookups. Phone number 970-921-6400.
E-mail: Larry Mosher Click Here
Web page Black Paw Ranch Click Here

Rogers Quarter Horses
Trinidad: Facilities: Located in Beautiful Southern Colorado's Sunflower valley, 5 miles east of Historic Trinidad located on the Sante Fe Trail: Large covered stalls w/ or w/out runs; Bedding, hay and feed available for extra fees; full care available.
Over night stays welcome. Healthy Horses only. Paddocks; turn out areas; pasture; riding arena; short trail rides from stable area available; Electric hook up, overnight parking; Pets Okay.

8 miles from Trinidad Lake State Park. About 25 miles from San Isabel National forest, and the Spanish Peaks areas. Close to high Alpine National Forests, Lakes and wildlife areas. You may encounter wildlife such as muledeer, elk, bear and antelope on your rides. We can also inform you of trail heads and other areas to ride in this beautiful un-touched area of southern Colorado.

Seasonal (March-October)weekend only, guided trail rides(advance reservations only), high mountain or just easy low land trails for you and your horse/mule. Sorry, no rental horses available.

Many Hotels, restaurants, gift shops, and old west museums,near by. Small town hospitality always.

Directions: PLEASE CALL AHEAD: I-25, Exit 18-El Moro/ State Rest Area. Go East on 32.4 to 75.0 about 3/4 of a mile. At stop sign turn right on to road 75.0 going south. Turn left before the Sante Fe Marker or the next left on to road 30.9. Stay on this paved road for 3 miles traveling north-east. "Rogers QH's" on Left side of road 17615 County 75.1, sign in driveway.

Directions from Hwy 350: Turn North onto road 85.5, you will see a sign for "Hohne" just before turn. Go to end of road about 1 mile turn left-going west onto road 75.1.
Travel about 4 miles, and on right side of road after passing road 79.0 you will see our place. Make a right turn into drive.

Trinidad, Colorado
Rogers Quarter Horses
John and Mary Rogers
17615 CR 75.1
719-846-4634 or 719-846-6030(weekdays)

E-mail: John and Mary Rogers Click Here

Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch
Red Feather Lakes: We have an awesome facility for horses and people with hundreds of miles of National Forest trails right out our front door.
We have accommodations for people (cabins, condos and lodge rooms) with stable facilities within a couple hundred yards with 16x16 paddocks. Three quarters of a mile from the base facility is our campground (no hookups) with 20x20 paddocks and water for horses close by.
The resort has guides you can rent if you desire. Located 5 miles from Red Feather Lakes Colorado beautiful scenery friendly staff and a restaurant and lounge on site.

Check out the web site for current pricing and a map.
E-mail: Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch Click Here
Web page Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch Click Here

PHONE: 970-881-2450 or 1-800-462-5870
FAX: 970-881-2643
Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch
100 Marmot Dr., Unit #1
Red Feather Lakes, Colorado 80545

Southern Colorado Cabins
I have found a wonderful place in southern Colorado that has cabins to rent and pens for horses.
It wasn't originally set up for horse people, catered to the tourist sight seeing public.
But they do accept trail riders and have some pens. There are several trails that leave from Platoro and some trail heads just a short drive from there.
Sherry Robinson
Web page Click Here

Devil's Backbone
Loveland: An area west of Loveland called the Devil's Backbone. It is off Highway 34 a couple miles west of Loveland. Free entrance.
Submitted By: Cynthia Claggett Click Here

Mule Creek Outfitters/M Lazy C Ranch
Lake George: The M Lazy C Ranch is a working cattle/guest ranch surrounded by 25,000 acres of National Forest. The ranch offers B&B cabins, RV hookups, chuckwagon meals, overnight packtrips, fishing, cattle drives and 10 - 16X16 pens.

Location: 35 miles west of Colorado Springs off Hwy 24. Five miles west of Lake George.
Tel: 1-800-289-4868 or (719) 748-3398

Mule Creek Outfitters/M Lazy C Ranch
Randy and Brenda Myers
PO Box 461 Lake George, 80827
Web page Mule Creek Outfitters/M Lazy C Ranch Click Here
E-mail: Mule Creek Outfitters/M Lazy C Ranch Click Here

Williams Fork Vacation Rentals
Parshall: We have lodging available in Grand County Colorado. Our web site is under construction until June 2005 sometime. We are adjacent and have ingress to state land and then onto Nat. forest. Located in the mountains of Co. 5 miles from Williams Fork Reservoir. Near Parshall, CO.
Po Box 2206, Granby, Co. 80446. 970-725-3336 Dale or Greg Bayda
Web page Williams Fork Vacation Rentals Click Here

KOA Camp ground in Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs: KOA Camp ground in Colorado Springs, Colorado has horse pens for overnignt use. Last time I was there was last June and the cost was $10.00 per horse per night but that was refunded after an inspection determined that you had cleaned up after your horses. As always the camp ground charged for an over night camper hook up but the facilities were great.
Submitted By: Frank Chirico Click Here

Rainbow Valley Ranch
Pagosa: We have 500,000 acres of National Forest within two miles of our house. A life time of riding in the San Juan Mountains. We have a two bedroom cabin and a 3 bedroom house for rent.
Two barns and two corrals and 2 acres of pasture for horses. Horses are free with cabin or house rental.
Rates are $125.00 for cabin and $150.00 for house.
We are located 4 miles south of Pagosa Springs Co. on highway 84.
Turn east on Echo Creek.
Drive and go to address 449.

Phone number is 970-560-0330.
Ed and Donna Zevely, owners.
E mail: Rainbow Valley Ranch Click Here

The Rusty Spur
The Rusty Spur is located 20 minutes west of downtown Loveland next door to Pinewood Lake where camping, hiking and fishing is available. Horse trails are available out our back gate. Horses will have 12x12 stalls, sawdust bedding, automatic waterer and hay.
Web page The Rusty Spur Click Here

Directions: Take Hwy 34 west from Loveland to the Carter Lake turnoff. Turn left on County Rd. 29 and go 2 miles to County Rd. 18E. Follow the signs to Pinewood Lake. At the north end of the lake is the Fishermens Cove parking lot. We are a half mile on the left after the parking lot.
Camping reservations can be made at Click Here

The Rusty Spur
15596 W. County Rd. 18E
Loveland, CO 80537

Continental Ranch
Creede: Continental Ranch, located approximately 30 miles SW of Creede, CO on US Forest Road 513.
The Ranch is located in a high mountain park known as North Clear Creek Park, named for the stream that flows through the park and the Ranch property. The elevation is about 10,000 feet above sea level, making it an ideal place for folks to escape the hot summer weather of lower elevations.

Surrounding the park and the Ranch are forested mountains with plenty of opportunity for horse back riding, hiking, fishing and hunting in season and almost any other outdoor mountain activity you can think of.
The view of the surrounding mountains is magnificent, something one never tires of looking at.

Horses and pets are wecome at the Continental Ranch. We ask that you keep your pets from disturbing other guests, and that you let us know ahead of time if you will be bringing your horse.
There are 100 acres of horse pasture available. There are many thousands of acres of Rio Grande National Forest available adjacent to the Ranch for hiking and riding.

Reservations and Information 1-800-238-6862
Web page Continental Ranch Click Here

Ladder Ranch
The Ladder Ranch is located on the Wyoming/Colorado border near Savery, WY and Steamboat Springs, CO.
The ranch borders the Medicine Bow National Forest and is located 30 minutes from the Continental Divide Trail.
The property is 4000 acres of private land with access to tens of thousands of public land in both Wyoming and Colorado. The ranch offers terrain ranging from easy to challenging.

The Ladder Ranch has cabins or campsites with electricity. The property has corrals with water tanks or grassy meadows with streams available for horses.
Submitted By: Meghan Lally Click Here

Grand Mesa National Forest - Silver Spruce Trail.
Take Exit 49 off I-70, Collbran/Powderhorn Ski Area Exit. Go about 12 miles South, take a left on Hywy 330 for 11 miles to the town of Collbran. Left onto Main Street 2 blocks, then right about 6 miles to Y, take right up to Vega Lake Reservoir and State Park. Go all the way around the Lake to the back side there's an irregular 4 way intersection, stay left for about 2 miles.
Go through Private Road/No trespassing gates and on up to the private facility. Bring your horses for a Colorado high country trail riding experience. Incredible Trails and Views! Hill's Guide Services offers Cabins on 240 acres of private land adjoining trails on the Grand Mesa including the Silver Spruce Trail. Special "Wildflower Ride" and "Fall Colors" riding events. Good access, all but the last 2-3 miles is paved.
See the website or call (970) 487-3731.
Web page Grand Mesa National Forest Click Here
Submitted By: Jeanette and Mark Sullivant Click Here

RubyCanyon Horse Ranch
Located west of Grand Junction on the Colorado River in historical Ruby Canyon campsites, cabins, tipi's, showers, food ect...
Private quarters for horses access to outlaw trail, Kokipelli, rabbit valley and more. E-Mail: Ami Click Here
Phone 970-618-8881 Web page RubyCanyon Horse Ranch Click Here
We are on google maps for a better location site.

Banderas Bunkhouse
Overnight and extended stays at Banderas Bunkhouse.
Located 13 miles east of Salida and 45 miles west of Canon City.
Be in the center of fantastic riding along the Rainbow trail, Collegiate Peaks and the beautiful wet valley.
Easy access off Hwy 50, no gravel roads.Ride to the Turkey Rock Recreation area or a short trailer ride to the popular Rainbow Trail. Horses $10/horse per night, Rv site $32.00, motel rooms, $59+, cabins $110+ , 3 night stay discounts.
Web page Banderas Bunkhouse Click Here


Layover Hosts for your horse or mule. (No Trail access)

Rodeo Grounds, Fair Grounds, B and B's, Horse Motels, Private residences

Campgrounds, ranches and trail ride places are also Overnight hosts. The places listed here are "OVERNIGHT ONLY".

This is a link to B & B Online,   Bed and Breakfast with equine accommodations

Bradley - Beggs Stables
Lafayette: 1375 N. 111th St. 80026. B&B and Stalls, PH 303-665-9247
E-Mail: Submitted by: Bill Beggs & Mary Bradley - Beggs Click Here

Bradley - Beggs Stables - web page Click Here

Brown Quarter Horses
Fort Collins: 325 E. Country Road 56. Horses and camper hookup, Overnight stay only, no trails, call for reservations PH 970-493-9053
E-Mail: Submitted by: Ted or Lynn Brown Click Here

Horsemens Inn
Larksspur: B&B, Stalls PH 888-660-0174

LP Boarding stable
Trinidad: Take I-25 to exit 15, then west on Godding 6 blocks to the first stop sign. Turn right (north) on Arizona Ave. past the cemetary to the end of the road (less than a mile) Left into the driveway. We offer stalls with turnouts and parking with electric for your rig. Call for reseverations (719)-846-7094.
E-Mail: LP Boarding stable Click Here

The Horse Motel
Burlington: Indoor stalls, pipe runs, pastures, arena, camper parking and hookup's 20 M from Bonny St. Park (2500 acres and trails). Call for reservations. Ph 719-346-8217
Addr: Joan B. Chandler, 19790 Hwy. 385 North, Burlington Co. 80807.

Kelly Place
Cortez: B&B, Stalls PH 800-745-4885 or 970-565-3125

Mountain Meadows Barn B&B
Gunnison: B&B Stalls, PH 970-641-9501

Mule Creek B&B
Lake George: B&B, Stalls, 800-289-4868 or 719-748-3398

Ryan's Roost
Lake City B&B PH 970-944-2722

Tudor Rose B&B Ranch
Salida: Tudor Rose B&B Ph 800-379-0889 or 719-539-2022 - web page Click Here

Wapiti Run Trakehners
Buena vista: 17900 Vista Dr. Stalls, Camper hookup, Cabin's, Trails
Adobe style cabin with full kitchen. Ideal, quiet, wooded vacation spot on a horse ranch / training facility at base of MT. Columbia with or without breakfast. Ride or Hike to the Colorado Trail. Call for reservations, weekly rates, Approved pets, especially horses welcome!
PH 719-395-8543
E-Mail: Submitted by: Judy Moore Click Here

Kenlyn Arabian Stables, Ken and Linda Fisher
Aurora: 1000 Salida Street, 80011, Ph 303-364-9556 cell Ph 303-919-4026. Stalls, pens, camper hookup, trails.
E-Mail: Ken and Linda Fisher Click Here

Fountain Valley Stable
Pueblo: 2580-2546 Overton Rd, 81008, Ph 719-545-8350. Stalls, pens
E-Mail: Lena Fox Click Here

Richard & Michelle McCurdy
Parachute: Have holding pens, stalls, pasture, arena. Phone 970-285-6150
Adderss: 3735 Country Rd. 301, 81635.
Also have a business called Running Horse Pottery, We make Horse show awards.
E-Mail: Michelle McCurdy Click Here
Running Horse Pottery, web page Click Here

Michael Shedd, Metro Denver by Brighton
Denver area: I live north of Metro Denver by Brighton. I own 3 twh and could share trail info with those interested. Perhaps host for overnight.
Michael Shedd Click Here

4 A's Boarding Stable
Boone: Indoor stalls, holding pens, pasture, arena, room for RV's and large trailers.
Brian and Rose Ancona, 58520 E. US Hwy. 50, 81025. PH. 719-947-3698.

Black Forest Shires
Colorado Springs: Off I-25 north of Colorado Springs, CO. Stalls, turnouts, RV's OK. Indoor and outdoor arenas, full bathroom in barn. Call first, we travel alot. (719) 495-4993. Breeders of fine English Shire draft horses.
Visit our web page at Black Forest Shires homepage Click Here
E-mail: Chris & Jeff Bartko Click Here

Cortez Colorado, Southwest corner of Colorado
Cortez: My place is located about 6 miles north of Cortez Colorado in the Southwest corner of Colorado. We raise Morgans and Quarter Horses and have room for overnight borders most of the time we have an empty pen.
The address is 15257 hwy 145 Dolores Co.81321
Phone 970 882-4306
E-mail: Nihla McCabe Click Here

Mikel Carmon: Alamosa and Walsenburg area in Southern Colorado
I have pasture near my house and there are 6 stalls and pasture. Riding from the pasture is incredible. I live 3 miles off of Hwy. 160 between Alamosa and Walsenburg in Southern Colo. Walsenburg is south of Pueblo off of I-25. I live down CR 29 exactly 3 miles. My phone is 719-746-2938, feel free to call. Mikel Carmon
E-mail: Spirit Riders, Mikel Carmon Click Here

Broken Arrow Homestead
Conifer: The lodge is a hand hewn log home located on 46 acres with a 6 stall horse barn. The lodge is 1/2 mile from highway 285 in Conifer and minutes from hundreds of acres of open space park trails.
Broken Arrow Homestead, 11609 Apache Trail, Conifer, Colorado 80433.
My phone is (303)807-2376, please call if you have any questions.
E-mail: Becky Sproul Click Here
Web page Broken Arrow Homestead Click Here

Jim & Nancy McEnulty
Pueblo, Canon City: We are located between Pueblo and Canon City, just off Hwy 50 on 40 acres. Stalls with all pipe runs available. Room for trailers, motels nearby. 8 miles to Beaver Creek Trail, 40 to Rainbow Trail. Call Jim or Nancy McEnulty (719)372-6182.
E-mail: Jim & Nancy McEnulty Click Here

Four Winds Farm
Del Norte: We are located in the western San Luis Valley in southern Colo. Hwy.160.
We have very limited horse facilities but riders are more than welcome to call and check if we have room for the nights they will be in the area. We also can handle two people in our "chicken coop". People must call in advance as we have many summer guests. We can provide trail information.
PEOPLE FACILITIES: former chicken coop w/bath & kitchen for 2 persons.
room for RV/camper w/no hookups. Motels in town (4 miles).
HORSE FACILITIES: large pipe arena, water adjacent. Must provide own feed and buckets/feed containers.
RIDING AREA: approx. 10 miles to Nat'l. forest. Wonderful riding in foothills with wonderful scenery, petroglyphs and wagon tracks in winter.
For information or Res. please contact: Barb or Ken Carpenter, Four Winds Farm,
1164 nty. Rd. 30,
Del Norte, Colo.81132
1-719-852-4786 day or 1-719-657-3640 night.
E-mail: Barbara Carpenter Click Here

JB's Horse Motel
Burlington: 7 stalls (6 with pipe runs), 2 - 1 1/2 pastures, outdoor arena, bedding, feed available. Vet on call, studs accepted. Current Health Certificates and Negative coggins required.
Overnight parking with hookup's.
Exit 438 (rose Ave) go 1 1/2 block west on Rose to 8th street (AKA 385 North) Turn right (north) go 7 blocks to RR tracks. Continue North 1.3 miles on Right side. Circle DR. around barn.
Joan B Chandler: 719-346-8217, 19790 Hwy 385 Burlington CO. 80807.

Red Willow Farm, I-25 in Southern Colorado
We have a B & B with fenced pasture. The horses can graze down to the river if you want. We are 13 miles west of I-25 in southern Colorado on the NM border. Located on Highway 12, a Scenic Byway and Highway of Legends. Great side trip as you haul your horses in or out of Colorado. PH 719-846-4603
Sharon and Jerry Reinan Click Here

Cortez Colorado, Southwest corner, Nihla McCabe
My place is located about 6 miles north of Cortez Colorado in the Southwest corner of Colorado. We raise Morgans and Quarter Horses and have room for overnight borders most of the time we have an empty pen.
The address is 15257 hwy 145 Dolores Co.81321
Phone 970 882-4306
E-mail: Nihla McCabe Click Here

L&L Arena
Stratton: L&L Arena in Stratton Colorado, which is I-70 Eastern Co. We have overnight facilities for travelers. Julie Lenardson, 17745 Co Rd. 27 Stratton, Co. 80836 PH 719-348-5508
E-mail: Julie Lenardson Click Here

Jerry and Mary Ann Mudge
Fruita: We are located in Fruita, CO, right off interstart 70. We have easy off and on access from the interstate. There are plenty of accomidations in Fruita for people to stay.
We have an arena and round pen for exercise. Also close (about 10 miles) to us are trails into the Colorado National Monument for trail riding. The Colorado National Monument is very beautiful with a lot of sandstone cliffs etc.

Jerry and Mary Ann Mudge
843 19 Rd.
Fruita Co 81521
E-mail: Jerry and Mary Ann Mudge Click Here

Craig Ranch Bed and Breakfast
Limon: Craig Ranch Bed and Breakfast provides comfortable accommodations and the simplicity of country ranch life at reasonable rates. It's the perfect weekend getaway for city dwellers, a peaceful alternative for travelers, and a great option for folks traveling with horses - only $5 per night per horse for open corrals.
John and Beth Craig
50452 County Road 23
Limon, Colorado 80828
Phone: 719-775-2658, Fax: 719-775-2140
E-mail: Craig Ranch Bed and Breakfast Click Here
Web page Craig Ranch Bed and Breakfast Click Here

Running Brook Stables
Elizabeth, Equestro Exchange Corp. is located at Running Brook Stables north of Elizabeth Colorado. We also have a unique boarding facility offering a diverse environment. We offer both Western and English trainers, plus lessons for kids and adults.
Our facilities include: indoor/outdoor/jump arenas/ round pens/trails/ hot water washrack/lounge/12 x 12 stalls/ large pens with shelter/ training/ lessons/ overnight facilities/ sales at We are close to trails and campgrounds.

Web page Equestro Exchange Corp. Click Here
Submitted By: Mindy Just Click Here

Promenade stables
Brighton: Promenade stables is located in Brighton Colorado and has 20 Layover pens avaliable year round.
Close to a trailer/camp ground, hotels in Brighton, and Adams County Fair Grounds
Great place to stay while you jump to all front range horse and mule riding trails
Web page Promenade stables Click Here

Lamar Sportsman's Campground & Horse Motel
Lamar: Full service (water, electric, dump), pull thrus (28 ft. by either 60' or 80'), tent sites (water & electric), one cabin (electric), seasonal pool, modern restrooms w/hot showers, indoor stalls, outdoor runs, open all year, daily/weekly/monthly rates available.
P.J. & Danny Norvell, owners
5385 Hwy. 50/287
Lamar CO 81052
719.940.4038 cell
Web page Lamar Sportsman's Campground & Horse Motel Click Here
Submitted By: Lamar Sportsman's Campground & Horse Motel Click Here

Rusty Spur Bunk and Barn
Located 5 minutes outside of Woodland Park, Colorado or 30 minutes from Colorado Springs.
The Innkeeper is Michele Abbott.

From Woodland Park, take Hwy 24 west towards Divide for about a mile until you come to a stoplight for Trout Creek Rd. Take a Left. In about 100 yards, take a right on South Forty Road.
Rusty Spur is about 1 mile up the road on the right. The address is 583 South Forty Road.
Phone 719-687-4260.
The property features 1 King Room, 2 queen rooms, and 1 queen room with a double futon, 1 dog run, 4 private corrals, 1 communal pasture and 2 spacious bathrooms.

Web page Rusty Spur Bunk and Barn Click Here
E-mail: Rusty Spur Bunk and Barn Click Here
Submitted by: Chris Konczak Click Here

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Trail Rides (bring your own horse or mule)

Cortez Colorado, Southwest corner of Colorado
I am a member of the Mesa Verde Back Country Horsemen and we are surrounded by canyonlands and mountains that are mostly BLM and national Forest. My number is 970 882-4306 and I would be happy to show folks where to ride. Also I have started a new business called Green Horse adventures where people can go with me and learn how to go lightly in the forest while using stock, horses preferabley. I teach a low impact class at home, trip planning and preparation, then we head to the hills for an overnight adventure. The forest service has given us about 100 user days for this year and we are just getting started. The cost is about $150 a day and they bring their own horses, and bedding. I furnish the pack horse and food. If anyone is out there that want to go on a trip please call! Happy trails !
My place is located about 6 miles north of Cortez Colorado in the Southwest corner of Colorado. We raise Morgans and Quarter Horses and have room for overnight borders most of the time we have an empty pen.
The address is 15257 hwy 145 Dolores Co.81321
Phone 970 882-4306
E-mail: Nihla McCabe Click Here

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