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Trails, Campgrounds and Overnight Hosts

Horse Trails In Iowa 2010 edition just released.
Horse Trails In Iowa 2010 edition has just been released. This 168 page book features over 100 trail riding destination across Iowa.

The book features easy to read format that includes, information such as location, direction, number of miles of trails, camping facilities, horse trailer parking, etc.

The trail guide sells for $23.95 (includes shipping & Handling.

Elizabeth Koppes
Rockin’ K Ranch
26514 Sieverding Ridge Road
Bellevue IA 52031
Web Page Iowa Horse Trails Click Here

Brushy Creek
Located between Fort Dodge and Webster City, 4 miles south of Hwy. 20 on Lehigh-County Road, there are signs on Hwy 20 , 4000 acres, 50 Miles of Trails, over 100 campsites, showers, electric hookup, horse wash, camping fee, hitch rails. Ranger 515/543-8298.

Web Page Brushy Creek Click Here

Submitted by: Russ & Monita Engstler Click Here

Fort Defiance
1 mile west of Estherville on Ia. 9, 191 acres, 2.5 miles of trail, no camping, 712-362-2078.

Pilot Knob
4 miles East of Forrest City, 700 acres, 8 miles of trail, no camping, 515-582-4835.

The Horses "R" Us Saddle Club donated a water wagon to the Park for use in the Wilderness area. The Ranger fills it and parks it at the Wilderness parking area for watering horses. Remember to bring your own bucket. It is removed in the Fall. A porta pot is now also in the Wilderness Area parking lot during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Deb Coats, Ranger
Pilot Knob State Park
2148 340th Street
Forest City, IA 50436

Submitted By: Russ & Monita Engstler Click Here

Stone State Park
8 miles NW of Sioux City on Ia 12, 1085 acres, 8 miles of trail, no camping 712-255-4698

Volga River State Recreation Area
4 miles north of Fayette on 150, 5422 acres, 30 miles of trail, has camping, hitch rails, creek water for horses. 319-425-4161

Yellow River State Forest
14 miles SE of Waukon on 76, 6629 acres, lots of trails, camping(Fee), water, 319-586-2254.
Web Page Yellow River Click Here

Elk Rock (Red Rock)
7 miles North of Knoxville on 14, 2218 acres, about 13 miles of designated trails, camping(fee), water, hitch rails, corrals, electric hookup, Park phone 641-842-6008.
The park ranger is Larry Zirkelbach.
Submitted By: Cathy wood Click Here

Nine Eagles
6 miles SE of Davis City- Co.Rd., 1100 acres, 6 miles of trail, no camping, 515-442-3333

Pleasant Creek State Park
Palo: 4 miles North and .5 Miles West of Palo, 1927 acres, 12 miles of trail, 319-396-4864.
There is a small campground at Pleasant Creek, although there are no facilities except for a few hitching posts. Field trials are often held there.
Submitted by: Janet Peters Click Here

Shimek Forest
1 mile East of Farmington on 14, 2840 acres, 26 miles of trail, camping, water, hitch rails, corral, 319-878-3811.
Web Page Shimek State Forest Click Here

River Valley Lodge and Campground
Farmington: Our timbered trail system begins at the campground and heads directly into our very scenic Lion Gulch.
We enjoy riding our trails which vary from well maintained routes wide enough for riding two abreast, to rugged single file trails that meander amongst beautiful oak and cedar forests.
You will encounter numerous rock bottomed creek crossings and several unique rock outcroppings.
Deer and turkey are abundant and our buffalo herd may also be viewed along the way.
A band of replacement fillies can sometimes be seen as well.
Our trails border and have direct access to the 9,000 acres of Shimek State Forest which offers another 40 miles of established horse trails.

Riders can choose from numerous short trail loops to all day adventures or all night if you are a pilgrim and get lost . Maps will be available for your convenience.

Our trails on our 600 Acres are open during camping season everyday rain or shine.

Complimentary Day Use Parking is available south of the arena for either trail riding or arena use but showers are for registered River Valley campers only.
Telephone 319.878.3888

River Valley Lodge & Campground
29932 Hawk Dr.
Farmington, IA 52626
Web Page River Valley Lodge and Campground Click Here

Stephens State Forest
fee: $12.00 per night
Season: April - November
About 2 miles south of junction of IA 65 & IA 34. Turn west at SF sign.
20 miles of trails through hills, woods, meadows
There are four equestrian camping units all with city water hydrants; vault toilets; picnic tables, fire rings. The largest of the four is the Whitebreast Unit 2.5 miles from the SF turnoff, best suited for large rigs.
TH's are marked at the roads only; no markers along the trails. Many user created, animal trials criss cross the SF trails. Advise use of compass or GPS. Trails are great when dry; can be muddy & boggy when wet. 2 feed stores, grocery, landromat in Chariton. No hay supplier
Cell phone reception is great.
RR 3 Box 31
Chariton IA 50049
Web Page Stephens Forest Click Here
Submitted By: Georgi Hockaday Click Here

Walnut Woods
4 miles SW of Des Moines on 5, 275 acres, 3 miles of trail, no camping, 515-285-4502.

Waubonsie State Park
7 miles SW of Sidney on 239 2, 1247 acres, 8 miles of trail, camping, hitch rails, water, 712-382-2786.
RR 2 Box 65
Hamburg IA 51640
Easy access - 4 miles south of Sidney via 275; 2 miles west via 2.
12 miles of great riding up to ridges & down to ravines on wide, well-marked, well-maintained trails. Breast collars & cruppers highly recommended.
Spacious campground with 32 sites, non-modern restroom, drinkable water (hydrants), corrals & hitching posts; no dump station.
fee: $12.00 per night.
Cell phone reception is very good.
Submitted By: Georgi Hockaday Click Here

If anyone is traveling thru Iowa this is a great place to stop, ride, and rest your horses. It has nice tie racks, clean outhouse, and level camping. It also has water for you and your horses with easy access to interstate Interstate 29 on the western edge of Iowa. We ride there a lot. It isn't Safe to ride after a rain as the trails are steep and very slick at that time.
Submitted by: Juanita Click Here

Lake of 3 Fires
3 miles NW of Bedford on 49, 694 acres, 8 miles of trail, camping(fee), Hitch rail, water, 712-523-2700 (could be wrong).

Swan Lake
2 miles South 1 mile East of Carroll, 508 acres, 4.5 miles of trail, no camping, No Phone#

Cedar Rapids Area
There is a horse trail in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, off East Post Rd SE. This is shared by walkers and bicycles, and is 7.2 miles long. It is covered with limestone, and is flat. It runs along Indian Creek. No camping- this is on the edge of town. It is called the Sac and Fox Trail.
Submitted By:Deb Secor Click Here

Matsel Bridge, Stone City
There is a good trail system at Matsell Bridge, near Stone City, IA. This is approximate 9 miles of trail system, and good horse camping facilities (fee). There is a pump for water, and outhouse facilities. This is basically for just horses, however, open for hunting in season.
Submitted By::Deb Secor Click Here

Gilbertson Conservation Area, Elgin
Gilbertson Conservation Area is located just east of Elgin, IA. It is a 327 acre park developed for recreation and educational purposes. There is ample parking near the ranger's house as well as by a Petting Zoo which is open May to Nov. The trail head begins behind the Zoo and the trails are marked. There is water available along the trail from springs as well as a hydrant near the Petting Zoo area.
There is no overnight camping for equestrians. The trails are hilly and it takes approximately 2 hours to ride the whole park. You will be guaranteed to see plenty of wildlife, limestone walls serving as backdrop to a creek, be able to pick wild berries, enjoy wildflowers and just have a fun afternoon ride. We pack a lunch and enjoy this small park often. Hope you will too.
Submitted By: Gail Ehlers Click Here

Backbone State Park
Backbone State Park, near Strawberry Point has some trails.
Web Page Backbone Forest Click Here
Submitted By: Don & Cindy Lentz Click Here

Maynes Park, Hampton
Maynes Park is a small park just south of Hampton which has enough trails to fill an afternoon of riding. I believe it is just about 3 miles south of Hampton on Hwy 65, on the west side of the road.
They have about 4 miles of groomed trails. The park belongs to the Franklin County conservation board. they have water, restrooms, and good parking they have a pinic area; but no horses allowed there. They are trying to expand as the demand arises.for more info contact f.c.c.b. at 515-456-4375 this park is a nice ride.
Submitted By: Don & Cindy Lentz Click Here

Hickory Hills
Hickory Hills just south of Waterloo on Hwy V37 offers trail riding as well. We have never been there so I don't know much about that one.
Submitted By: Don & Cindy Lentz Click Here

Heery Woods
Clarksville: Heery Woods is one mile south of Clarksville on 188. they have about 7 miles of trails and water, restrooms, camping. don't think theres any water. This a good ride there is also a buffalo ranch running next to the park a herd of 100+ they are cool to watch. good fishing too! this Butler County Conservation Board.
Submitted By: Don & Cindy Lentz Click Here

Big Marsh Area
Big Marsh is half way between Allison and Parkersburg on 14. on the East side of the marsh which is along HWY 14 there are a number of lots by the bridges. We park in these lots then cross the highway and ride East.
On the West end of the marsh there is a gravel road that runs N-S you take that North and follow turning East and North. You will come to a new bridge we call it Meads Bridge. There is parking there you well see the drive. From here you can ride through the woods or ride over to a big metal building and back to the SW. That's good open riding for beginners.
The next place is across the bridge and to the East towards the highway. There is a little drive off parking spot its small but you can get a trailer in and out of there. It really good riding here. you have water crossing's hills and fields. You have to be careful, there is a lot of old babed wire fences laying in under brush and hunters during season.
Submitted By: Don & Cindy Lentz Click Here

Greenbelt that runs from Rock Falls, to Nora Springs
Greenbelt that runs from Rock Falls, IA to Nora Springs, IA. Camping (very primitive) is allowed at the campground on Yucca Ave. We park there and go off the road on a trail along the river (going North). We do cross the river near the bridge just a mile south of Rock Falls.
We then cross the covered bridge, take a break and ride back. Seldom do we ride to Nora Springs but have on occasion. Sometimes the park is open for motor vehicles but usually it is not.

From Hwy. 18 East of Mason City take Blacktop - County S62 North. Turn East onto 290th (this is a gravel road). BEWARE THE RR CROSSING. It is very rough. About 2.3 miles down 290th turn South onto Yucca Ave. for a big 1/2 mile. On the West side of the road you will see a sign, "Shell Rock river Preserve". Turn into the Preserve. On the South side you will see the parking area. If the second gate is open you can also park in the park area.

From North of Mason City take County Blacktop B20 to Rock Falls. At the stop sign turn right onto S62. Take it South of Rock Falls about a mile. Turn Turn EAST onto 295th (this avoids the rough RR crossing but is a mile more of gravel). Turn South onto Yucca to the Preserve.

When you leave the parking area on your horse go West through the park. After you get to the road go left down the hill. Before you go around the curve there is a trail on your right. Follow it. Some of the Green Belt is trails and part is road riding.

Submitted By: Monita Engstler Click Here

Lone Pine Trail Rides & Camping
Little Sioux: It's owned and run by a farm family in Little Sioux, IA. They have more than a 1000 acres in the heart of the Loess Hills. Their trails are located in one of the highest and most rugged areas found along the Missouri River Valley. The views are spectacular.
It's only 50 miles north of Omaha, NE or 50 miles south of Sioux city, IA
Just off I-29
Call Scott or Brenda Pape 712 456-2896
E-mail: Scott or Brenda Pape
Submitted By: Brenda Thomas

The Natural Gait
Harpers Ferry:The Natural Gait has log cabins, bunkrooms, covered outdoor and indoor stalls, outdoor and indoor riding arenas – all in the gorgeous northeast hill and bluff country.

There’s a lovely mercantile and laundry facilities along with electric/water and primitive campsites.
The trail riding is fabulous with river crossings and it’s close to Yellow River State Park trails too.
They specialize in riders and reunions, family adventures and helping folks make warm memories.

Six private bedrooms in the indoor arena.
Large indoor arena
Primitive camping
25 sheltered horsestalls
Horse and walking trails
The Natural gait has several events each month. call for brochure or use web page. Phone 877-776-2208 FAX 563-535-7362
Amber/Jerry Hinton
The Natural Gait
1878 Old Mission Dr.
Harpers Ferry, Ia.

Web Page The Natural Gait, Click Here
E-mail: The Natural Gait

Oakwood Sporting Resort
We have 850 acres that we use for pheasant hunting September through March each year. In the summertime, we have lodging & parking for horse trailers & trails mowed.
Just a few miles away, is Belva Deer County Park which has several miles of equestrian trails.
A group can stay here and ride trails for a couple of days in Keokuk County, Iowa.

We are located on Hwy 149, approximately 3 mile north of Sigourney, or 25 miles south of Williamsburg. Or one can take Hwy 92 west from Washington, Iowa about 35 miles then turn north on Hwy 149, or go 25 miles east of Oskaloosa, then turn north on Hwy 149.
Oakwood Sporting Resort, Inc., 21765 196th St, Sigourney, IA 52591
PH 641-622-3318 or 800-432-3290
Web Page Oakwood Sporting Resort Click Here
E-mail: Bill and Terry Kuntz, Owners

Big Hollow Horse Trails
Burlington: Located in Des Moines County by Burlington IA. 6 miles of trails, no overnight camping but some nice picnic spots. Big Hollow is right off highway 61 north of Burlington it is run by the county conservation department.
Submitted By: Erik

Blackhawk Conservation Area
Open for trail riding during the months of June, July and August. The riding is excellent. Some open fields and some timber with mowed trails. Not required to stay on trail. Scenic overlooks of the Maquoketa River and bluffs. The farm is owned by the Jackson County Conservation. Rules include: No riding within 24 hours of measurable rain, not over 30 riders at a time (parking lot is not large. Can turn around a 4 horse with living trailer ok and will accomodate 5-8 trailers).
No camping or horse hitching post (maybe next year) or out house or water other than the river.
Beautiful place for a two to four hour ride, it does not get much better! Cell phone reception good. Wild berries in season. Primitive camping, water, wood and limited riding available in CRP/timber/cow pasture farm 6 miles away (also adjacent to the Maquoketa River).

Maquoketa is a County seat town with population of about 5800 and has a couple of nice family restaurants, Flap Jacks (at the intersection of 61 and 64) and Decker House (down town) and some fast food also: Taco Johns (new) and (yes) a McDonalds. For shopping, there are two farm stores, Theisens and Gassers.
The Rose Frantzen art gallery, the Patrick Costello Old Mill art gallery and Banowetz Antique mall are all unique. Of course there is a Wall Mart. Most of these are located on #64. For sleeping in town there are: Super 8, Comfort Inn (pool), Decker House and Squires Mannor Bed and Breakfast, all excellent highly rated accomodations.

Directions are: From Interstate 80 at Davenport, Iowa, take Highway 61 North (a four lane) about 40 miles to the Highway 64 exit (second exit) at Maquoketa, Iowa. Take Highyway 64 West four miles and watch for the Blackhawk Conservation area signs. Turn North on gravel at the signs (also marked 138 Avenue) and go about 2 miles to end or road, cross two cattle guards to parking lot. From Dubuque, Iowa, highway 20 (four lane) take Highway 61 South (four lane) 30 miles to Maquoketa and turn West on Highway 64.
If coming through and need the primitive camping any month, call or email.
E-mail: Robert Shearer or call 563-673-4171

Jester Park
Granger: Jester Park has overnight stabling facilities for camping or for travelers. It is located in Granger, Iowa, near Des Moines, Iowa. There are stalls available in the barn for $15 per night, 10 - 12 miles of trails through the woods and along Saylorville Lake, indoor and outdoor arenas, and an equestrian campground.
Guided trail rides and wagon rides are available. Jester Park is operated by Polk County Conservation Board.
Phone is 515-999-2818, Barn Manager is Dennis Crowley.

Web Page Jester Park Click Here
Submitted By: Debby Crowley or call 563-673-4171

Marvin Smith, Yale Iowa
We have 3 sites, with full hook-ups. places to pasture horses, tie up, or pen. Easy access on paved road 1/4 mile East of Yale, IA. Level flat DNR land to ride. Paved Bike trail 1/4 mile away. Ph. 515-321-2370
Submitted By: Marvin Smith or call 563-673-4171

Petersons Pits
Ames: Petersons Pits is located 3 miles north of Ames, Iowa on highway 69, and one and a half miles east on the gravel road. Petersons is a county facility and does not show up on state trail maps.
Three hours of multi use trails specifical built for horses. Plenty of parking in 3 different lots. Three hours worth of trails at a walk. Several river crossings and 2 bridges. Fishing, swimming, picnic tables, grills, porta pottys. River is fairly shallow and popular for tubing.
No camping. Two other small county horse trails within 3 miles.
Contact the Story County Conservation office for maps and information.
Submitted By: Kristy Goodale or call 563-673-4171

Cedar River Greenbelt Trail
This 4.0 mile trail parallels the Cedar River from one mile west of Osage,Iowa to the town of Mitchell, Iowa. (mitchell offers a park with hitching post so you can take a break or have lunch at the local bar and grill).
It is open to biking, hiking and horseback riders. It includes wooded hills, limestone cliffs, and riverside solitude for nature lovers of all sorts. Stop for a picnic along the way at the small shelter house halfway between the trail or throw in a fishing line and try your luck at landing a big one.
There are four access locations available. No motorized vehicles allowed.
thank you.
Submitted By: Mary Steere or call 563-673-4171

Squirrell Hollow
Located in Greene County just SE of Jefferson.
There is electrical camping/no horse on those sites. A different area of the park camping allowed with horses but no electrical hookups there. Lots of trails. Not flat. Near the Raccoon River. Natural trails.
Outhouse style bathrooms. No showers.

Rock Creek State Park
Kellogg: The address is Kellogg, IA but I come in from the east thru Grinnell on Hwy 6. It's just a few miles west of Grinnell on Hwy 6, turn north on county road T38 2 miles, West on county road F27 2-3 miles.
Turn south on Rock Creek E St and your there.

Approximately 12 miles of easy riding, well kept wide trails around the lake.
Good family ride, not too technical.

Rock Creek State Park
5627 Rock Creek East
Kellogg, IA 50135

Web Page Rock Creek State Park Click Here
E-mail: Rock Creek State Park
Submitted By: Dee Stull

Heritage Farm Park
Clermont, Iowa in Fayette County has added to their campground approx. 10 miles of horseback riding. We have 105 acres..
Web Page Heritage Farm Park Click Here
Web Page Heritage Farm Park Click Here
Heritage Farm Park
Arnold E. Guyer

Riverview Ridge Campgrounds and Recreation
Cascade: We have recently added horse trails to our recreation list at our Campgrounds.
Over 400 acres. We are adding stables for overnight boarding and long-term boarding for 2011.
Trails are diverse from mowed grass fields to bluff overlooks and forested trails.
Lots of wildlife. Room for large group events and overnight RV, tent or primitive camping.
Reservations are recommended.
Located along the North Fork of the Maquoketa River, limestone bluffs and open rivervalley.
Our website is for the campground area, we will be updating the recreation pages to reflect trail-riding.
New facilities. Located in Cascade, IA. Map is on the website.
L:ocated Between Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, Iowa.
Hwys 151 and 136, off Riverview Rd.
Phone 563-543-1258.

Web Page Riverview Ridge Campgrounds and Recreation Click Here
E-mail: Riverview Ridge Campgrounds and Recreation


Layover Hosts for your horse or mule. (No Trail access)

Rodeo Grounds, Fair Grounds, B and B's, Horse Motels, Private residences

Campgrounds, ranches and trail ride places are also Overnight hosts. The places listed here are "OVERNIGHT ONLY".

This is a link to B & B Online,   Bed and Breakfast with equine accommodations

Big 4 Fairgrounds
Nashua: Has camping and stalls except at County Fair time which is on Labor Day weekend.

North Iowa Fair Grounds
Mason City: 3700 4th Street, 50401, Ph 515-423-3811or call 563-673-4171
E-mail: North Iowa Fairgrounds
Web Page North Iowa Fairgrounds Click Here

Hallock House B & B
Brayton: 3265 Jay Avenue, PO box 19, 50042-0019 Ph 712-549-2449 or 800-945-0663. Gary and Ruth Barton, Overnight Stabling.
Directions: from I80 take exit 60, go North on highway 71 to Brayton. Turn East at County road T. The Hallock House is the first home on the right side of the road. Approximately 1 mile.

Amboy Ranch
Newton: Overnight horse boarding, Trails, Cabin, and camping facilities.
Trail rides, Horse rental.
Ph 515-792-9932
Amboy Trail Ranch, web page Click Here
E-Mail: Amboy Trail Ranch Click Here

Allen and Lori Sorensen
We are located at Bridgewater, Ia. Our place is 2 miles south of US Hwy 92, which is 13 miles south of I-80 half way between DesMoines and Omaha. We have a 6 stall barn, round pen, and pasture and unless it is the height of breeding season there is usually a stall or two open. We could overnight horses for travelers and those camping could plug in in our front drive. Our drive circles for easy in and out. The closest motel is 13 miles east at Greenfield, Ia. If folks give us a call we could help with arangements.
Ph 641-369-4971
Hwy 92 west of Fontanelle 5 mi, cross river bridge and see sign that says Morman Trail Park, turn left eill come to 4-way crossing and see lake dam and lake on the left, continue through intersection we are 2nd house on the right side of the road past the lake (grey house, white barn with blue trim) if you get to the cemetary you went too far! We are about 2 miles off of the hwy.
Submitted by: Allen and Lori Sorensen Click Here

Gray Horse Livery (Waterloo Area)
new outdoor arena, new stalls (in the works). All horses must have current negative coggins test.
Indoor &, Outdoor Arenas

Gray Horse Livery
Sandra Bird
6430 Lafayette Rd.
Raymond, IA 50667

Web Page Gray Horse Livery Click Here
E-mail: Gray Horse Livery Click Here

Cable Farms
Ames: We are located just off interstate 35 at Ames, Iowa. We have indoor heated box stalls and outside pens. We have had our horse motel open for 2 years. Camping is avilable at our location or there are 5 motels 2 miles away.
Phone 515-233-3537
Address: 56967 245th street Ames, Iowa 50010
E-mail: Jerry and Linda Click Here

Country Care Stables
Clear Lake: We are located 5 miles south of Clear Lake, IA right along I-35. You can see our stables from the interstate.
We are also only 12 miles from the North Iowa Fair Grounds.

We charge $10.00/stall/night in our heated barn
Water and bedding included. Guests must provide their own hay and grain.
The Indoor Arena and roundpen is free of charge for all our guests.
We do not have any hook ups for camper/trailers, but we do encourage them to stay if they wish.
Otherwise there are numerous hotels 5 miles north.
Our address is:
11162 Indigo Ave.
Clear Lake, IA 50428
Phone number:
641-357-2559 business
641-201-0250 cell

E-mail: Country Care Stables, Lisa Cole Click Here

Murray Stables
Keokuk: We are located in Keokuk, Iowa in the very southeast corner of Iowa, on the border with IL & MO. We are 1/4 mile off the Hwy 61 by-pass.
Overnight horse boarding, for $10 per night. Camping and hotels within 2 miles. Phone 319-524-7206 leave message or e-mail.
E-mail: Murray Stables, Teresa Murray Click Here

Pleasant View Ranch
Our trails are open to anyone who wants to ride them. Often folks have friends come and visit the who want to ride their horses. If they don't have enough horses they will haul their horses to us and rent horses for the extra riders.

We have open jackpot rodeo every other Wednesday evening 7 p.m. starting the first Wed. in May and ending the end of Sept. (Call in the Monday before)

Youth rodeo the 4th Sunday of the month starting in May noon. All entrants must be 20 or under as of Jan. 1st of the current year.

Old fashioned FUN SHOW the Saturday evening 7:00 p.m. the day before the youth rodeo. Lots of folks come for the fun show and camp out (primitive) so they are early for the Youth rodeo.

Offers horse rentals by the hour.
Overnight layovers for traveling horses
Boarding horses pasture or full service
Tack Store.
2229 Scales Bend Rd. NE
North Liberty, Ia. 52317
E-mail: Pleasant View Ranch Click Here

Aunt Reba's Bed & Breakfast
Sioux Falls area: We're conveniently located near the 3 corners of Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota, just 20 miles east of Sioux Falls on Iowa State Highway 9.
This easy-to-find B & B is about 10 miles south of I-90, using MN Exit #1.
Go south to Highway 9 at Larchwood, then 3 miles east.
We're right on the highway for easy access. Or, if you are travelling north-south on I-29, when you are south of Sioux Falls take the Tea or Parker exits, and drive east to the Iowa line and link up with State Hwy #9.
From almost anywhere in Iowa, just go north to Hwy #9, and west til you come to our sign on the north side of highway
Aunt Reba's Bed & Breakfast
2124 IA 9
Larchwood, IA 51241
Tel: 888-282-5349 or 712-478-4042
E-mail: Reba May Crawford Click Here
Web Page Aunt Reba's Bed & Breakfast Click Here

7A Ranch
Oxford, We do overnight boarding here at 7A Ranch. Have been doing it for 8 years. No trails.
Located just 5 minutes from interstate 80 and 380 in Iowa.
We charge 25.00 a night for stalls. Heated barn and arena. Full care hay and grain and stall cleaning.
Room for big rigs and have 30 amp hook up. Great location between Chicago and Denver or St.Louis and Minneapolis. North and South bound or East and West.

Jeff and Judy Rugger
7A Ranch
2663 Echo Ave. NW Oxford, IA 52322


E-mail: Judy Rugger Click Here
Web Page 7A Ranch Click Here

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