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Trails and Campgrounds

Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex

Flathead, Helena, Lewis & Clark, LOLO, National Forests

National Forest

Lewis & Clark National Forest
1101 15 St. North
Great Falls, MT 59401
Ph. 406-791-7700
Lolo National Forest
Building 24, Fort Missoula
Missoula, MT. 59801
Ph. 406-329-3750
Flathead National Forest
1935 3rd Ave E
Kalispell, MT. 59901
Ph 406-329-3750

Helena National Forest
2880 Skyway Dr.
Helena, MT. 59601
Ph 406-449-5201

Ranger Districts

Spotted Bear Ranger District
PO Box 190310
Hungry Horse, Mt.
Ph 406-758-5376
Swan Lake Ranger District
PO Box 370
Bigfork, Mt.
Ph 406-837-5081
Lincoln Ranger District
PO Box 219
Lincoln, Mt.
Ph 406-362-4265

Seeley Lake Ranger District
PO Box 717
Seeley Lake, Mt.
Ph 406-677-2233
Rocky Mtn Ranger District
PO Box 340
Choteau, Mt.
Ph 406-466-5341
Hungry Horse Ranger District
PO Box 190340
Hungry Horse, Mt.

The BMWC has a special order requiring people to store their food, livestock feed and game animals in a manner that is unavailable to bears.
Methods identified in the order include hanging items from a tree or pole 10 feet high and 4 feet from a supporting structure, using bear resistant container, using a 5 strand electric fence, or occupying the camp around the clock.

The BMWC implemented a weed seed free feed order on May 30,1996 to further
reduce the spread of weeds on land adjacent to the Wilderness

If you pack it in-pack it out!


Popular Bob Marshall Wilderness Trips:

Submitted By: Paul Gullickson

South End

Monture Work Station, in Lolo National Forest, up Monture Creek , down Houn Creek, then follow Youngs Creek to Danaher Creek, up to Danaher Basin

Indian Point Loop
8days/75 miles
Up White River (from junction with South Fork Flathead River) to Chinese Wall, cross Continental Divide at White River Pass, east to Indian Point, up Ahorn Creek, cross Continental Divide at Camp Creek Pass, Down Camp Creek to Danaher Creek, and down Danaher Creek to Big Prairie Ranger Station.

North End

Spotted Bear Trailhead
(32 miles south of Hungry Horse, MT.)
Phone: No
Water: No
Camping : Yes
Feed Bunks: Yes
Fishing: Yes
Point of Interest: Hungry Horse Dam

Spotted Bear-White River
8days/75 miles
Spotted Bear Ranger Station, up Spotted Bear River to Bungalow Lookout, down White River, down South Fork Flathead River to Spotted Bear Ranger Station.

Trilobites-Spotted Bear
6days/50 miles.
Spotted Bear Ranger Station, up Spotted Bear River, up Pentagon Creek , past Table Mountain to Switchback Pass, past Pentagon Mountain to Trilobite Range, then backtrack to Ranger Station.

Gorge Creek-South Fork Loop
3days/35 miles
From South Fork Flathead River, proceed up Bunker Creek, up Gorge Creek, south along Picture Ridge, down Hungry Creek to Blackbear Work Center on South Fork Flathead River.

East Side

Pondera County Public Park
(18 miles west of Dupuyer, MT.)
Phone: No
Water: Yes
Camping: Yes
Corrals: Yes
Fishing: Yes
Point of Interest: Swift Dam

Gateway Pass
6days/50 miles
From Swift Reservoir proceed up South Fork Birch Creek to Gateway Pass, down Gateway Creek to Strawberry Creek, over Badger Pass to North Fork Birch Creek, back to Swift Reservoir.

Benchmark Trailhead
(30 miles west of Augusta, MT.)
Phone: No
Water: Yes
Feed Bunks: Yes
Camping: Yes
Fishing: Yes
Airstrip: Yes

Benchmark-Chinese Wall Loop
10 days/70 miles
Benchmark Work Center, down South Fork of North Fork Sun River to West Fork Links, up West Fork Sun River to Chinese Wall at Cliff Mountain, north along Chinese Wall to Larch Hill and Spotted Bear Pass, east down Rock Creek to Gates Park Work Center, south down North Fork Sun River to Gibson Lake, up South Fork of North Fork Sun River to Benchmark Work Center.

Benchmark-Youngs Creek
4 days/40 miles
Benchmark Work Center, up South Fork of North Fork Sun River, west up Hoadley Creek across Continental Divide, down Stadler Creek to Danaher Creek, down Danaher Creek to Youngs Creek, up Youngs Creek to Haun Creek.

Benchmark-White River
5 days/44 miles
Benchmark Work Center, north up the South Fork of North Fork Sun River, west up North Fork of West Fork Sun River, up Indian Creek, over White River Pass, down White River to White River Park on South Fork Flathead River, and return.

West Fork Trailhead
(30 miles west of Choteau, MT.)
Phone: No
Water: Yes
Feed Bunks: Yes
Fishing: Yes
Camping: Yes

North Chinese Wall
6 days/50 miles
West Fork Work Center, west up West Fork Teton River, south at Empty Jug Cabin, up Olney Creek, west over Washboard Reef, by Wrong Ridge, down Wrong Creek, west to Round Park on Open Creek, south along Continental Divide to Red Shale Creek, east down Red Shate Creek to Gates Park Work Center, north up North Fork Sun River, east at Wrong Creek Work Center, over Route Creek Pass, and up Middle Fork Teton River to road.

Middle Fork Teton Trailhead
(21 miles west of Choteau, MT.)
Phone: Yes (1mile)
Water: Yes
Feed Bunks: Yes
Fishing: Yes
Camping: Yes

Gates Park Short Loop
3 days/30 miles
Take the Middle Fork Teton River trail, over Route Creek Pass, down Wrong Creek to Route Creek, along North Fork Sun River to Gates Park Work Center, up Headquarters Creek, by Rocky Mountain, and down South Fork Teton River.

South Fork Teton Trailhead
(25 miles west of Choteau, Mt.)
Phone: Yes (6 miles)
Water: Yes
Feed Bunks: Yes
Fishing: Yes
Camping: Yes

South Chinese Wall
6 days/60 miles
South up the South Fork Teton River, up Erosion Creek, west up South Fork Deep Creek, west down Biggs Creek to North Fork Sun River, south down the North Fork Sun River, west up Moose Creek to Continental Divide, north along Chinese Wall to Larch Hill Pass, east down Rock Creek to Gates Park, across North Fork Sun River, up Headquarters Creek and down South Fork Teton River.

Sun River Canyon (Gibson Dam, Short trips)
From Great Falls: 75 Miles
From Augusta: 35 Miles (Gravel)

Trail #275 Norwegian Gulch
The trail starts 1 mile before and right off the road to Gibson Dam. Heading South on the East side of Norwegian Gulch the trail climbs gradually for 4 miles and intersects Sawmill Flat trail heading West. When going West 1 mile you will find Sawmill Flats and Beaver Creek Road. If you go North and downhill 4 miles you will come to the base of Gibson Dam and the road back to your starting point in about 1 mile . (Approx. 11 miles)
This road is closed to vehicles during the hunting season because of the Elk migration.

Trail #267 Home Gulch
This trail begins behind Sun Canyon Lodge, and goes for 9 miles and "Deadends". At approx. 7.5 miles the trail goes west and intersects Norwegian Gulch Trail #275 which you can take north back to Gibson Dam Road. (7 miles) If you go south on Trail #267 the trail will bring you to Beaver Creek Road. (5miles) North on this road for 12 miles and you will be back at the base of Gibson Dam. This road is closed to vehicles during the hunting season because of Elk migration.

Mortimer Gulch Campground

Trail #201 Gibson Lake
The trail starts on the North side of Gibson Lake and goes for 8 miles to the end of the lake. The trail is narrow is spots with passing lanes. Rule is: "The most horses has the right of way". This trail is not for the "Weak of Heart". From the end of the lake the trail goes north into the North Fork of Sun River, but you can also go South on South Fork of Sun River Trail #202. Going north on Trail #201 you enter the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and follow the North Fork of Sun River. In July/August fishing is good on both rivers. The trail is used by 3 outfitters and local elk hunters during the hunting season. The trail continues for 5 miles and then turns into Trail #110. Near this intersection Trail's # 231, 220, and 131 also convene. (Benchmark 5020 feet)

Trail #131 Moose Creek:
This trail is a must if you have come this far. It is a gradual climb for 12 miles, to the Alpine meadows below the famous "Chinese Wall". Overnight camping is not allowed in this fragile environment. (Benchmark 8035 feet).

Trail #231 Circle Creek
This trail "Deadends" in 3 miles and is used during Elk Hunting Season. (Benchmark 6717 feet).

Trail #220 Cabin Creek
This trail follows Cabin Creek for 5 miles, gradually and some times severe climb to Bob Marshall Wilderness Boundary. From here the trail is hard to find and not recommended. (Benchmark 6717 feet).

Trail #110 North Fork of the Sun River
This trail continues for 6 miles to "Gates Park" Forest Service Cabin. This cabin is used by Forest Service Personnel when in the area, occupied most of the summer, emergency services, and phone are available. Private use is not allowed. The trail continues north for 6 miles and intersects trail #151. Trail #151 brings you to "Wrong Creek" Forest Service Cabin. (Benchmark 5090 feet).

West Side

Holland Lake Trailhead
(18 miles NW of Seeley Lake, MT)
Phone: Yes (1 mile)
Water: Yes
Camping: Yes
Fishing: Yes
Feed bunks: Yes

Big Salmon Lake
7days/70 miles
Holland Lake, down Gordon Creek to Big Prairie Range Station, down South Fork to Salmon Lake, up Salmon Creek to Holland Lake.

Chinese Wall (side trip) 1 day / 8.5 miles, White River to Haystack Mountain.
Flathead Alps (side trip) 1 day / 14 miles to Shale Peak.
Bullet Nose Mountain (side trip) 1 day / 8 miles, up Una Creek to Bullet Nose Mountain
Submitted By: Paul Gullickson    E-Mail

Bozeman Ranger District.
Ennis: don't have much information. suppose to be lots of trails PH 406-587-6920 Bozeman Ranger District, 3710 Fallon, Bozeman MT.

Big Sky Montana, Triple Creek Trailhead
Big Sky Montana, Triple Creek Trailhead, mile marker 32, Rt 191, between 320 Ranch and West Yellowstone. East side of the road, pull off and camp. Tie rails at the trailhead. Excellent gradual elevation, good trail, no stones, excellent for gaited horses, ride and glide. This is big country and snowmobile trail maps kept us on course. An option, is to rent a cabin or house at the 320 Ranch. They will board your horses. There is an excellent restaurant at the ranch in season. Also the small town of Big Sky has excellent places.
Submitted By: Paul Peachin

Lonesome Dove Ranch
Kalispell: Bed & Breakfast in Kalispell.
Location: 10 minutes West of Kalispell a mile off of Highway 2 at the base of the "Wild Horse Mountains" near Blacktail Ski Resort. We offer guided horseback adventures from one hour to pack trips; a children's camp in the summer; campground and Indian Tipi village for those with our without their own horses; cross county skiing in the winter, and we ARE open all year.
Lonesome Dove Guest Ranch
1805 Haywire Gulch
Kalispell MT 59901
Web page Lonsome Dove Ranch
E-Mail: Harold and Sharron Butler, Lonsome Dove Ranch

Quarter Circle JK
Our ranch is located just outside of West Yellowstone in Montana. (approximately 8 miles) We just moved here recently and would like to invite people to come out to our ranch with their horses/mules. The back gate to our property leads right on to National Forest Service ground. We have 280 acres of pasture, many creeks run through the pasture and we are located right on the South Fork of the Madison river. We have 3 cabins that can hold up to 6 people in each, but if any one wants to pitch a tent they can bring their camping gear. Also have ample parking for horse trailers and Rv's
Web pageQuarter Circle JK
E-mail Quarter Circle JK, Lorraine & Michael

Rusty Spur Guest House and Gallery
Fairfield, Augusta: I have a 2 bedroom guesthouse that will accomodate 3-5 people. Also pasture turnout for horses or covered stalls.
I am between Fairfield and Augusta, Montana near hundreds of miles of trails in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Scapegoat Wilderness, and Lewis and Clark National Forest.
221 10th Lane SW, Fairfield, Mt 59436

Web page Rusty Spur Guest House and Gallery
E-mail Angela Dailey

Horseshoe Hills Guest Ranch
Seeley Lake, This is a beautiful, first class facility where the horses have top-notch facilities and the guest ranch is small and comfy. Each room has its own entrance. There are also several sites for camper hook-ups but we pitched a tent down by the creek. There are many trails right off the property in the Swan Mountains or you can trailer a very short distance to Holland Lake Trailhead (described earlier) or other areas to get into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. It is about 90 minutes from Missoula. Take Montana 200 up to highway 83 North about 16 miles. Turn right at the blue sign that says "Kozy Korner" and follow it for about 5 miles (on good gravel road) to the ranch. Feed and hay were available. There is only one restaurant after you get on the gravel road and it only serves supper so, if you intend to stay in the guest rooms you will have to drive out for meals.
Web page Horseshoe Hills Guest Ranch
Submitted By: Leslie

Bear Creek Lodge
Victor: Bear Creek Lodge is a high-end destination lodge in the Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana.
Sitting on 155 acres the lodge borders National Forest and the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness (the largest wilderness south of the Canadian border). We have developed a private trail system that connects to Forest Service trails with no gates to open! Upon arriving at the lodge, there is no more need for a horse trailer.
Leaving directly from the lodge, riders have access to 3 separate mountain drainages providing full-day rides.
The 3 drainages are Bear Creek, Gash Creek, and Sweathouse Creek and all accessible from our private trail system onto public land without opening any gates.
Those who accompany riders but do not ride themselves, are welcome to stay back at the lodge to relax with a book, hike our trails or fish our one mile private access of Bear Creek. This is a fly fishing mecca with the Bitterroot River just 6 miles from the lodge.
The Clark Fork River, Blackfoot River and Rock Creek are also accessible for daily fishing trips. Bear Creek Lodge can be reserved exclusively for groups. With so much to enjoy, guests understand our requirement for a 3 day minimum stay. Upon returning from a full day's trail ride in the pristine Bitterroot Mountains, our chef awaits with a gourmet meal including hors d'oeuvres and an open bar. We are a luxury lodge with full accommodations. Our rates include all meals and beverages.
Each of the 8 guest rooms have a private bath and an outdoor entrance.
The horse facilities (free to our guests) include a 4 acre pasture, 3 pens and 3 stalls.
We have 2 horses on-site but are for our private use only. Please visit our website for a map of our trail system (from the Home page go to Hiking).

Roland and Janet Turney
Bear Creek Lodge
1184 Bear Creek Trail
Victor, MT 59875

Web page Bear Creek Lodge
E-Mail: Bear Creek Lodge

Trail 6 Ranch, LLC
Scenic 100+ acre ranch with horse motel for the traveler or great vacation spot for equines and horseman.
Large inside box stalls, hot walker, wash rack, round pen, pastures and many trails. Easy access to the forest.
Ride from the ranch for your great Montana outback experience. Big rig parking. And 1 RV hookup.

Facility is located on Highyway 2 at milepost 60. We are in between Kalispell and Libby.

Sue Vincent
Trail 6 Ranch, LLC
27506 US Hwy 2 South
Libby, MT 59923
Phone 406 293-8665
E-Mail: Trail 6 Ranch, LLC

Twin Creek Ranch, is 300 acres in NW Montana and we're now offering this property as a vacation rental.
It's horse friendly, of course, and has equine facilities for our guests.

It is in De Borgia Montana which is in the bitterroot mountains and is 18 miles from the Idaho border.
We have hundreds of miles of incredible trails, etc.

Phone 480-291-3461
Web page Bear Creek Lodge
E-Mail: Dawndi McAdams

Leaning Cedar Cabin & RV Rentals
Leaning Cedar Cabin & RV Rentals, they have open pastures and corrals for the horses.
We stayed there for 4 days with our horses, and really enjoyed everything about this place.
The place offers cabin rentals, RV sites with electricity and water, or tent camping sites creek side on wooded land or creekside on open fields.
For the horses, they have acres of open grass pastures with plenty of fresh water sources, or you can corral the horses, the corrals have a constant fresh water source.
It is a bring your own horse feed, or they will provide the feed and hay for a extra cost.
The 100 year old cabin is beautiful, and the grounds are amazing with waterfalls, flower gardens, bonfire rings, BBQ grills, lawn furniture, and hundreds of acres of back country riding trails.
Plenty of parking for horse trailers is a bonus, and the owners are very helpful and just great people.

Phone number is 208-512-2747.
Located at exit 39 off I-90, between Missoula MT. and Coeur D'Alene ID.

Submitted By: Missy

Flying Pig Ranch
We have an overnight boarding facility in Thompson Falls, MT. Thompson Falls is located in rural Northwestern Montana on Highway 200 approximately 100 mile northwest of Missoula and 80 miles east of Sandpoint, ID.,on the Clark Fork River.
We offer 5 covered box stalls and a round pen surrounded by a pine forest and within walking distance to golf and fishing. You can also turn your horses out overnight to roam and graze on 4 acres.
(No hay will be provided if grazing). Riding on our 62 acre ranch is available and we can board your dogs in a kennel if you are staying in a local motel. The Rimrock Motel and Riverfront Motel are nearby.
If you choose to camp, we can provide you with electricity for an extra charge. We offer the feel of a forested campground. We will also BBQ and have a campfire (season permitting) for you if you give us advanced warning and we are not out riding (charges apply). $20 per horse includes a flake of hay in the morning and evening...we feed and clean.
$15 per horse if you feed and clean. Camping is $15.00. Includes water (not hooked up) and electricity.
Dry camping $10.00. No tent camping without prior approval. Healthy vaccinated animals only please.

Blaine & Michelle
"Flying Pig Ranch"
Thompson Falls, Montana
(406) 827-0350
Email: Blaine & Michelle Blackstone

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Overnight Hosts for your horse or mule

Campgrounds, ranches and trail ride places are also Overnight hosts. The places listed here are "OVERNIGHT ONLY".

This is a link to B & B Online,   Bed and Breakfast with equine accommodations

Alta Meadow Ranch
Darby: B&B, Stalls PH 800-808-2464

Camp Creek Inn
Sula: B&B, Stalls Ph 406-821-3508

Bracket Creek Inn
Bozeman: B&B, Ph 406-686-4440

Lazy N Ranch
Victor:Lazy N Ranch B&B - Web page
PH 406-642-3668

D J Bar Ranch
Belgrade: We have 3 box stalls with runs, 7 small corrals plus 2 100X200 pens with loafing shed
I no longer have the guest house but do offer beds in my house or in the bunk house.
$15 stalls
$10 corrals
$10 per person to stay.
My famous Biscuits and Gravy $10.00 per group prior arrangements may be necessary to be sure.
Ph 406-388-7463 Fax (406) 388-7241
Address: 5155 Round Mountain Road, Belgrade, 59714
E-mail: Jehnet Carlson
D J Bar Ranch - web page

Circle of Friends B & B
Bridger: Stalls, holding pens and trails nearby. Three bedrooms for B & B.
Ph 406-662-3264. Address: Rt. 1 Box 1250, 59014.
E-mail: Dorothy Sue Phillips
Circle of Friends B & B - web page

Park County fair
Livingston: Inside stalls, 23 outside covered stalls, 8 outside uncovered stalls arena, water year around, overnight camping no dump.
Ph 406-222-4185. Addr: PO box 146, 59047.
Interstate 90 exit 331 West or 335 East. turn South on Main st 6 blocks to small bridge - Left fork 1/4 mile to fairgrounds on right.

The River Inn B & B, on the Yellowstone river
Livingston: 2 indoor and 2 outdoor stalls, pasture, forest service trails within 6 miles. Rustic cabin and sheepherders wagon for 2. Plus rooms at the Inn.
Ph. 406-222-2429, Fax 406-222-2625, 4950 highway 89 South, 59047.
E-mail: River Inn B & B
River Inn B & B - web page

S Bar K Ranch B & B, for Horse and Travler
Reed Point: Box stalls, Barn, Runs, Box pens, Coral area, prices vary from $20.00 to $10.00. Ph 406-326-2280, Addr: PO Box 362, 59069.
2 miles North of I 90, take exit 392 at Reed Point, go through town, across RR tracks, Continue north crossing Yellowstone bridge then a steep hill. Stay on road until cattle guard - DON'T CROSS IT. Turn right onto a dead end road, we are the first place on the left, a log house.

Lost Heart Ranch
McAllister: This is the lake Shore Lodge Cabins and Camp. Stables have stalls, outside pens, paddock's, barn with 9 stalls, mountain trails and trails in Lee Metcalf wilderness area.
Have full hookup campground as well as cabins, and boat rental on lake.
Ph 406-682-4424
Addr: Box 160, 59740.

Carriage House Ranch
Big Timber: Carriage House Ranch is located in the heart of "Horse Whisperer Country" 7.5 miles outside Big Timber, the location of Robert Redford's recent movie. Exit I-90 at Big Timber. Take Highway 191 North out of Big Timber. After crossing the Yellowstone River, the ranch is 7.5 miles on left.

A newly constructed indoor heated and lighted 100 x 225 arena with 10 stall barn, rider's retreat with kitchen, fireplace, TV, and shower/bath await the discriminating horse traveler. A large outdoor arena (170 x 300), round pen, 60 additional stalls for equine events and travelers, jumps for the hunter-jumper crowd, and the Broken Spur Cafe are also available at the main ranch site.

680 acres of trail riding, including a mile of the Big Timber, Creek, is available on the ranch, and Big Timber Canyon campground and trail head are just a few short miles away. Breath-taking views of the Crazy Mountains from the entire ranch! An outdoor jumping and carriage driving course are available. Equine events--Western, English, and carriage driving--are scheduled throughout the year. The arena is available for clubs and individuals to lease for special events.

A historic 1910 Dutch carriage barn has been converted to a charming bed and breakfast. The inn is a secluded, romantic retreat located next to a rushing creek, with views of mountains, hayfields, and surrounding country. Lovingly furnished with antiques, art, fine china, and European linens, the Carriage House is your perfect private getaway!

Owners John Haller and Sally DeStefano are avid horse people and world travelers from their "prior" lives. Carriage House Ranch is a "must" for anyone visiting Montana, with or without their horse.

Carriage House Ranch
P.O. Box 1249
Big Timber, MT 59011-1249
PH 406-932-5339
E-mail:Carriage House Ranch Click Here

Mountain View Arena
Deer Lodge: 30 stalls 12 X 12'. Rent by the day, week or month. $15 per day. Indoor arena, Driving lessons & training horses to drive.
Right off exit # 184 on Interstate 90. Motels and restaurants near by.
Phone 406-846-1989
255 Boulder Road. Deer Lodge, MT 59722
E-mail: Mountain View Arena, Kayo Fraser Click Here
Web Page Mountain View Arena

Lonesome Dove Ranch
Kalispell: Bed & Breakfast in Kalispell.
Location: 10 minutes West of Kalispell a mile off of Highway 2 at the base of the "Wild Horse Mountains" near Blacktail Ski Resort. We offer guided horseback adventures from one hour to pack trips; a children's camp in the summer; campground and Indian Tipi village for those with our without their own horses; cross county skiing in the winter, and we ARE open all year.
E-mail:Sharron Butler, Lonesome Dove Ranch

Parsons' Pony Farm
Ravalli County in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana halfway between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks overnight facilities for horses, dogs, and humans!
Reservations required
Phone (406) 273-3363
Parsons' Pony Farm
5710 Yarrow
Florence, MT
E-mail: Parsons' Pony Farm

Box T Ranch - Equine Motel
Facilities - Located just off I-90 Exit 455 (Johnson Lane) Equine Motel is the perfect place to rest yourself and your horse. We even have an experienced farrier on-site for your hoof care needs!
The Equine Motel is located within 4 miles of The Metra, The BLS, and PAYS.
There is a Holiday Inn and Flying J at the same exit along with a grocery store, trailer repair and truck/trailer washbay. Everything you need is right here!

3306 Becraft Lane, Billings, MT 59101
Owner - Leonard (Butch) and Rada Rogers
Phone 406-252-4388, Cell # 435-749-1236
E-mail: Box T Ranch
E-mail: Box T Ranch

Web Page Box T Ranch

Fish Creek House
Whitehall : Bed & Breakfast in Whitehall
Location: 20 miles from Butte of Highway 2 on Highway 41 Fish Creek House, offers a "rustic touch of class" setting overlooking the Tobacco Root Mountains. Located 16 miles from Whitehall, Montana, Fish Creek House combines luxury accommodations, panoramic mountain views, wide open spaces and down home hospitality . Located in a rural area on 40 acres, our handcrafted country-style log home offers a relaxed atmosphere surrounded enchanced by Fish Creek running through the property. Open all year Full country breakfast included. Horse friendly, stalls available for our equine friends We offer barn, corrals and trails right outside our door . For those with our without their own horses; cross county skiing in the winter, hiking and antiquing

Fish Creek House
5913 Mt Hwy 41
Whitehall MT 59759
Web Page Fish Creek House
E-mail: Fish Creek House

Historic Tamarack Lodge
We are located in the Flathead National forest area just outside Glacier National Park.
Overnight equine boarding.
P.O. Box 190236
9549 US Highway 2 East
Hungry Horse, MT 59919
Main: 406-387-4420
Fax: 406-387-4450
Web Page Tamarack Lodge
E-mail: Tamarack Lodge

7th Ranch and RV Camp
We have a new full facility RV Park and Campground at Little Bighorn Battlefield in Southeastern MT. We do private, custom historical horseback rides (other vehicle tours) through the Indian Wars territory. We've hosted the A & E History Channel, numerous authors, Ft. Sill officers, CEO's from all over the world, etc.

We also offer overnight stays, boarding, etc.
Web page 7th Ranch and RV Camp
E-Mail: Sandy Watts, 7th Ranch and RV Camp

Droverís Supply Arena
Overnight horse boarding, trailer parking with electric hook-ups, arena and round pen.

Droverís Supply Arena Contact: Joe Hartkopf 325 Main Street Lavina, Montana 59046 Phone (406) 636-2121 Web page Droverís Supply Arena
E-Mail: Droverís Supply Arena

Holts Horse Hotel
Whitehall, We have a horse hotel in Whitehall for overnight camping and stalls, we located just north of I-90 for easy off and on convience.

Dave Holt
Web page Holts Horse Hotel
E-Mail: Holts Horse Hotel

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