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Trails, Campgrounds and Overnight Hosts

Fort Robinson State Park
Nice campground, showers, fire rings. Camp ground is split into different parts, primitive, electric, full hook up. Then each is broke again into reserved and none reserved. No horses allowed in the camp ground. You have to rent a stall in the barns, which is nice and stayed fairly cool.
The problem is the distance from the camp ground to the barns. There is no place in the barn to store equipment, hay, feed, etc. unless you rent an extra stall. You can park your trailer at the barn and leave tack in it but if you camp in your trailer then you have to carry tack to the barn and back each time.

It is long ride in the open to reach a trailhead.
Most of the trails are in the open as they had a fire in 1989.
Trails are of varying degrees of difficulty.
Would make for nice fall rides after the weather has cooled a bit.
PH 308-665-2660
Submitted By: Monita Engstler Click Here

Niobrara State park
Niobrrara: PH 402-857-3353

Rock creek Station State Park
Rock Creek Station is one of Nebraska's finest horse trails. Disregard the travel brochures from Game & Parks that mention the 4 miles of trail. What they don't mention are the hundreds of acres of land management area that opens up to Rock Creek Station that is accessible to horse trail riders.
There you will find miles and miles of trails -- from creek side riding to canyons, Rock Creek has hosted challenging Competitive Trail Rides as well as hours of riding with friends and family. Don't be surprised if the trail you rode out on is not the one you come back in on. It is easy to follow a deer trail and end up on another bluff overlooking Jefferson County.

Within the regions of the park, however, historic Rock Creek Station is rebuilt. There is a livery stable and other buildings, as well as covered wagons. And you can ride your horse right through this replica.

Yes, ride the 4 miles within the park, but don't forget to go beyond the gates. Remember, if the gate is open, leave it open. If it is closed, close it behind you. For your first visit, don't be afraid to ask other riders to show you the ins and outs ...

The horse camp is primitive with running water & an outhouse. There are fire rings and picnic tables. You can tie your horses to the trailer or use portable fencing. You can walk or drive up to the regular camping where there are heated showers.

Rock Creek Station does not allow motorized bikes or 4-wheelers, although you may see some hikers. My kids will occasionally ride their bicycle along the trails and roads. During hunting season, this land management area is open to hunters, so do not ride during those times. See Game & Parks for Nebraska's hunting seasons.
Rock Creek Station SRA 57426 710th Rd Fairbury, NE 68352-5550 Phone: (402) 729-5777 E-Mail: Rock Creek Station SP Click Here
Web Page Rock Creek Station SP

Submitted By: Tammy Vasa Click Here
Web Page Tammy Vasa,

Indian Cave State Park
Shubert: Indian Caves SP, in SE Nebraska, is about 3,000 acres near the Missouri River. The historic caves are estimated to be thousands of years old, with petroglyphs done by early natives. But let's talk about the horse facilities.

Indian Caves provides a separate area for horse camping. Camping is primitive with fire rings and picnic tables provided. It is pretty shady in a lot of the camping spots. There is one area that has a picnic shelter for larger groups. No running water in restrooms - outhouses provided and kept clean. In the summer months, the park service brings large water tanks for horse watering and is real good about making sure it is fresh and never runs out.

The horse trails are mostly in the trees, so it is a nice ride to take when the summer months start getting hot. It is mostly a large loop which is approximately 11 miles around (I may be off by a mile or two). There are tributaries to the main trail, but you must stay on the marked trails and cannot bushwhack. There are some picnic shelters on the trail, so plenty of places to stop and take a break. The trails have some gradual inclines; nothing I would consider very advanced. When the leaves start changing in the fall, the ride would be awesome!

Indian Caves is home to competitive trail rides, where additional trails are opened up exclusively for these rides.

Update: Novenber 2004

The Nebraska Horse Trails Committee is pleased to announce the management of Indian Caves State Park has opened up approximately 4 - 5 more miles of trail for horse trail riders! These trails are in addition to the 10 miles we have always enjoyed. And just this past weekend, 12 corrals have been installed at the horse camp!

Indian Caves State Park, near Shubert, has always been a friend to equestrians. Boasting well maintained, shaded trails and a wide assortment of wildlife, the park is always a favorite to riders. The new trails afford us a view of the Missouri River in an area previously closed to horses. Follow marked signs! This new area is being introduced to horse trail riders on a trial basis. It is important trail riders adhere to the signs and stay on the trail. And we MUST clean up any manure that would fall on the roadway when crossing to the north trail.

Park superintendent, Tom Morrison, worked with members of NHTC in planning for the placement of the corrals and signage for the new trails. The project was funded by the Nebraska Horse Council and installation of the corrals was a cooperative effort between park management and the NHTC.

Indian Caves SP, PH 402-883-2575
Submitted By: Tammy Vasa Click Here
Web Page Tammy Vasa,

Ponca State Park
Ponca: Trails, Camping?? PH 402-755-2284

Northern Nebraska, From Kaye and Bob Russell
Bob and I got back from our 5 day trip to northern Nebraska. All-in-all it was a good trip except Bob's horse had an allergic reaction to a weed and couldn't ride him like we would have liked. Decided to take it easy on him. We carry an emergency kit and had DYAPRONE in it. Bob gave Skeeter 20cc's of it and he seemed better within an hour. Poor horse swelled up around his eyes, nose, sheath and broke out in hives - pretty scarey. Of course no vet within 75 miles so we had to doctor ourselves, luckily we carry an emergency kit, but that doesn't always cover everything. Just do the best we can and thank goodness Skeeter got better fairly fast.
Camped at Roberts Trailhead which is 8 miles West of Chadron on Highway 20 and 7 miles South on Eleson Road, then 1 1/2 miles East on Bethel Road. Camping fee is $5.00/per night. Had nice corrals for the horses. The "Ride the Ridge" and "Roberts Trail" were pretty good. The Robert's Trail takes about an hour and a half to ride the loop. Nice canyon and pretty sites. The Ridge toward East Ash TH was about 8 1/2 miles one way and nice ride. We didn't ride completely to the TH but was out about 6 hours and was very enjoyable.
Soldier Creek Wilderness camp is 2 1/2 miles West of Crawford on Highway 20 to Fort Robinson, then North on Soldier Creek Road for about 6 miles. There is the Trooper Trail (9 miles) and Boots and Saddle Trail (6 miles). You can blaze your own trail if you like. There was a major forest fire here in 1989 and burned most of the trees. It has some pretty sites, different - sad to see what a forest fire can do. We only rode here 2 short rides and then moved on. Ticks were somewhat of a problem. We toured Fort Robinson and they we very nice and let us unload our horses and use a corral while we toured the fort. Interesting museum filled with Indian and calvary stuff from the early 1800's when the fort was really active. Lots of interesting history to Fort Robinson.
For more information on these two camps call Pine Ridge Ranger District at 308-432-4475 at Chadron (Robert's campground and Ride the Ridge Outrider Trailhead) and Fort Robinson State Park at Crawford 308-665-2900.
Hope some of this information will help if anyone else is interested.
Submitted by: Kaye Russell Click Here

Flying Bee Beefmaster Ranch LLC
Scottsbluff: Our 4,000 acre ranch in the Panhandle of Nebraska where we raise Beefmaster cattle is located 22 miles southeast of Scottsbluff.
Because our scenery is so spectacular, we decided to open our ranch to the public. Trail riders bring your horses and ride our magnificent bluffs and canyons dotted with pines and view the fascinating wildlife (turkey, deer, coyotes, eagles and more)!
Facilities: Cabin Retreat-sleeps 6, full kitchen & bath; camper hookups, tent area, picnic area, 12'x12' pipe corrals
Campgrounds, Cabin Retreat, Overnight boarding

Flying Bee Beefmaster Ranch
6755 Cty Rd 42 Bayard, NE 69334
Toll free number is 888-534-2341
308-783-2885 or 970-867-4342
Submitted By: Conrad & Louise Kinnaman
Flying Bee Beefmaster Ranch web page

Schlagel Creek Ranch
Schlagel Creek Ranch offers a refreshing get-away from the everyday demands of our hectic modern-day world. Our ranch is located near Valentine, Nebraska on the northern edge of the "Nebraska Sandhills".
We welcome people to bring their own horses. You can stay in our bunkhouse facilities and go along on our rides or we will be glad to provide a custom ride for you. We have facilities for boarding your horses during your stay.
Schlagel Creek Ranch
Steve, Debbie & Chancy Hansen
P.O. Box 414
Valentine, NE 69201
Phone: 402-376-2679
Cellular: 402-376-5052

E-mail: Schlagel Creek Ranch Click Here
Web page Schlagel Creek Ranch Click Here


The Bessey Ranger District of the Nebraska National Forest is located two miles west of Halsey, Nebraska on State Highway #2. The District encompasses 90,444 acres of gently rolling sandhills interspersed with 20,000 acres of man-planted trees. Ponderosa pine, Eastern redcedar, and jack pine are the three major tree species.
Some natural reproduction is occurring. Cattle graze throughout the Forest, generally from June 1 through November 1. There are over 200 stockwater tanks distributed throughout the Forest, with numerous two-track sand trails leading to them. Care should be taken driving on these primitive roads, as the majority require a four-wheel drive vehicle with good sand tires.

The entire area is open to recreation. There are asphalt and gravel roads throughout the District, many of which may be inaccessible during the winter months.
Approximately one-third of the District is closed to motor vehicle travel from September 1 through November 30 of each year. There is a travel map, free of charge, indicating the closure area.

During times of high fire danger, there may be other restrictions which would limit open fires and off road vehicle use. Also, it is common for roads to be damaged or washed out by thunderstorms. We advise you to stop at the office when you visit and obtain information regarding maps, road conditions, and special restrictions.

The town of Halsey, with a small grocery store, post office, motel, church, and restaurant, provides the visitor with basic necessities.

The Whitetail Campground near the Dismal River in the souteastern part of the Forest.

Natick Campground west of the 4-H Camp in the northwest central part of the Forest are available on a first-come first-served basis. In addition to corrals for horses, both of these camp grounds have hand-pump water wells, fire rings, picnic tables and modern pit type toilets.
Firewood is not provided.
Camping, $8
Vehicle Use fee, $3
Annual vehicle use fee, $15
Golden Age Passport, 1/2 price

Obtain full information sheet from
Nebraska National Forest Bessey Ranger District
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00-5:00
P.O. Box 39
Halsey, NE 69142
Ph. (308) 533-2257

Submitted By: Randy Gibbs Click Here

Soldiers Creek Wilderness, NE National Forest

Chadron: Weed free hay & seed required.
Direction: Hwy. 20 west to Soldiers Creek Rd. (just before entrance to Fort Robinson State Park), turn right, travel about 6 miles, crossing the Middle Fork River at that the bottom of a hill just before entering the campground. River is about 10 feet across. Depth of river at deepest point would depend on the season.
Water hand pump; vault toilet; trash cans; picnic tables; fire rings; riders ramp; large 15 paddock corral. Water must be hauled to corral or can lead horses to river at bottom of hill.
fee: $5 per night; Golden Age Passport, 1/2 price. This area can be accessed separately from Ft. Robinson State Park.
Boots & Saddle Trail: about 8 miles, across ridges, valleys, plains. Trail is clear, well-marked, mostly sandy ground. Trail crosses several streams and one water tank for watering horses; must make sure that gates at fence crossings are closed.
Trooper Trail: about 5 miles, with two windmills/water tanks & intersects with the Boots & Saddle Trail; minimal use.
Except for portion of trail that is concurrent with the Boots & Saddle Trail, the Trooper Trail is not marked.
Nearest city is Chadron - recommend stocking & bringing in all supplies for length of stay.
Soldiers Creek Wilderness
NE National Forest
Pine Ridge Ranger District
16524 Highway 385
Chadron NE 69337-7364
PH 308-432-4475
Submitted By: Georgi Hockaday Click Here

Walnut Creek
Omaha: Walnut Creek It is located south of Omaha,Ne.
It is south of Highway 370 and West of 96th st 1 mile southwest of the city of Papillion
It also provides hiking/biking trails fishing & camping open year round from 6 A.M.-10P.M.

Ash Creek Ranch
Crawford: Ash Creek Ranch near Crawford, NE, offers overnight accomodations for riders/horses with trail access to private property, Nebraska Game and Parks wildlife management area, and Nebraska National Forest.
Gary and Nancy Fisher
617 West Ash Creek Road
Crawford, Nebraska 69339
Phone/Fax: (308) 665-1580
Web Page: Ash Creek Ranch Click Here
E-mail: The Fishers Click Here

Crawford: The Ox Yoke Ranch retreat is located on hiway 71/20 sourth of Crawford, Ne. It offers the equine enthusiasts a complete ranch with access to near-by trails and interest areas. The ranch itself is within the boundary of the unincorporated "ghost" town of Marsland. Rates are reasonable and special tours of the area can be arranged.
For more information:
Jim and Dixie Lees, 106 Haynes Rd. Whitney, NE. 69367, Phone 308-667-2754.
E-mail: Jim and Dixie Lees Click Here

Big Canyon Inn
Springview: There is a paradise in Nebraska. Its called Big Canyon. Located 15 miles North of Bassett on Hwy. 7, hosts Edith & Roger Wentworth share their beautiful land with horse trail riders. If you think you need to travel out of state to find deep canyons, high bluffs, clear water streams and wildlife, think no more.
Its right here in our state and its found at Big Canyon!

Big Canyon offers sandy trails which go down into a 400 foot canyon... said to be the largest in Nebraska.
Ride along the clear winding creeks, through the ponderosa pines. Autumn offers beauty among the changing colors of the sumac and other foliage. I can only imagine what spring brings. Go to the top of the bluffs and see the Niabrara River. Ride down the abandoned ski slopes. Hundreds of acres to enjoy. And be sure to learn the history of Big Canyon from Roger & Edith.

Pull your rig right into Big Canyon Inn. Camping is available with or without electricity.
The Wentworth's barn offers hot showers and running water. Even a loft for lodging! A gas grill or conventional stove is available for your use. If you don't feel like roughing it, Edith & Roger offer Bed & Breakfast accommodations in their home. Or ask about their breakfast plan! A large pen with stall dividers are available for your horses. Horse shoes are optional, but in my opinion, not necessary.

For additional information & fees, contact:

Roger & Edith Wentworth
HC 82 Box 107
Springview, NE 68778.
Ph. 402-497-3170

E-mail: Big Canyon Inn, Roger and Edith Wentworth Click Here
Submitted By: Tammy Vasa Click Here
Web Page: Tammy Vasa's web site, Click Here

Ponderosa Ranch
Crawford: Nestled in the scenic Pine Ridge of Northwestern Nebraska, this 3600 acre, working cattle ranch and guest ranch is family owned and operated. It offers numerous activities: hunting, horseback riding, horse motel, hiking, and railroad photography. It is close to the Wyoming border just south of the Black Hills of South Dakota.
We can take guests on trail rides on our horses, or they can bring their own horses.

Kim and Jeff Lund
Ponderosa Ranch
Box 472, 680 Saw Log Rd
Crawford, NE 69339

E-mail: Kim and Jeff Lund, Ponderosa Ranch Click Here
Web Page: Ponderosa Ranch Click Here

Eagle Canyon Hideaway
Lake McConaughy: We have a beautiful campground with 24 50amp RV sites. Full hook-ups at each site.
We also have cabins that sleep from 4 to 12, tent sites, and bathrooms with showers.
Great place to come relax, ride the trails or play on the white sandy beaches.
We are located on Lake McConaughy in Western Nebraska. We have great home cooking in our caf�?©, a general store, pool, playground, game room, horse shoes, and more.
So come pay us a visit! 866-866-LAKE
Jimmy & Julie Baker
E-mail: Eagle Canyon Hideaway Click Here
Web Page: Eagle Canyon Hideaway Click Here

High Country Ranch Ride
Fort Robinson area, High Country Ranch Ride is hosted by three neighboring ranchers who have combined their properties to offer bunkhouses, horse corrals and ranchland for fully guided trail rides in the beautiful Pine Ridge of northwestern Nebraska. Riders may also take advantage of our hearty ranch-style breakfasts, lunch on the trail and Dutch oven suppers. Evening entertainment and horse-drawn wagon rides are also available.
For more information see our website.
Web Page: High Country Ranch Ride Click Here

Turkey Creek Ranch-Horse Camp
Newcastle: We are located in extreme northeast Nebraska, just south of Vermillion SD. Spacious campsite, with 16 electric sites. Water hydrants in camp, pens available. Picnic tables, fire rings, toilets.
Fully furnished cabin also available. Reservations required, please call or email for availability. Trail maps and signs. 20 miles of groomed trails, plus explore the area off trail.
Scenic Missouri River Bluff area, riding thru wooded ravines, burr oak trees and open rolling hill prairie.
We also have trail area for wagon or buggy. Day riding available and overnight stops welcome.

Phone 402-355-2614.

Web Page: Turkey Creek Ranch-Horse Camp Click Here
E-mail: Turkey Creek Ranch-Horse Camp Click Here

Big Springs
HQH Overnight Stables and Campground
Big Springs, NE. 69122

Web Page: Big Springs click Here


Layover Hosts for your horse or mule. (No Trail access)

Rodeo Grounds, Fair Grounds, B and B's, Horse Motels, Private residences

Campgrounds, ranches and trail ride places are also Overnight hosts. The places listed here are "OVERNIGHT ONLY".

This is a link to B & B Online,   Bed and Breakfast with equine accommodations

HorseMotel & Puppyshop
Lexington: 12X12 box stalls or outside runs available. Outdoor arena, round pen. Horse owners should provide their own feed. $20.00 stall fee, $10.00 outside fee per horse per night. Numerous restaurants and motels within one mile of stable.
Nebraska I-80 exit 237, south 1/8 mile, west 1 mile. Ph 308-324-6303
Addr: 204 W. River Road, 68850-5607.
E-mail: HorseMotel & Puppyshop Click Here

Flying Bee Beefmaster Ranch LLC
Scottsbluff: Our 4,000 acre ranch in the Panhandle of Nebraska where we raise Beefmaster cattle is located 22 miles southeast of Scottsbluff.
Because our scenery is so spectacular, we decided to open our ranch to the public. Trail riders bring your horses and ride our magnificent bluffs and canyons dotted with pines and view the fascinating wildlife (turkey, deer, coyotes, eagles and more)!
Facilities: Cabin Retreat-sleeps 6, full kitchen & bath; camper hookups, tent area, picnic area, 12'x12' pipe corrals
Campgrounds, Cabin Retreat, Overnight boarding

Bring your own horse or mule and help us roundup and brand at the Flying Bee Beefmaster Ranch LLC in the rugged hills of Western Nebraska. We roundup, rope and drag to the fire for branding, the old fashion way. Take your turn wrestling calves, roping or just sit on the fence and watch the cowboys work. We have camping and corral facilities available as well as a cabin that sleeps six.
Call or e-mail us for more details. 888-534-2341 or (See our web site for pictures.

Flying Bee Beefmaster Ranch
6755 Cty Rd 42 Bayard, NE 69334
toll free number is 888-534-2341
308-783-2885 or 970-867-4342
Submitted By: Conrad & Louise Kinnaman Click Here
Web page Flying Bee Beefmaster Ranch Click Here

Carney Park, O'Neill, Nebraska
O'Neill: Carney Park, is located a few blocks south of the intersection of U.S. Highway 20 and a Nebraska state highway. If you are on Highway 20, turn south at stoplights at the 4-way intersection in the heart of downtown.
The park contains rodeo grounds with a nice arena and several pipe corrals for horses. Camp sites with water and electricity are located around the perimeter of the park.
You can NOT tie your horses in that area, but you could put them in the corrals for the night if you wanted to camp in those sites. We camped in the open area in the middle of the park and tied our horses to our horse trailer. Rest rooms and a water hydrant were close by so it was very convenient. We turned our horses out into the arena for some exercise, as there wasn't any show or rodeo going on while we were there. Fee is a free-will donation if you are staying less than one week, $6 per night if you are staying more than 1 week. This is a very nice, clean, convenient facility.
Submitted By: Jan and Dan Peters Click Here

Geohner: Last year we found a small facility in Geohner, Nebraska. It is located right on Intersstate 80., Exit 373, facility is run by a gentleman named Dick Vaugh, facility name is "Arrowhead."

He has an Indian Village and Old Western town built on the site. A Pawnee lodge and many stories to tell about the Native American. He ask that you make a donation of which, the entire amount is used for Native Americans.

He has several electrical hook-ups, dumping station, a corral for the horses and running water.
The phone number is 402-523-4345.
Submitted By: Bobbie & Carolyn Mills Summerfield Farm, Click Here

HQH Stables & Campground
Big Springs: Located 5 Mi. off I -80 and 1 Mi. off US Hiway 30, in beautiful historic area of western Nebraska near Lake Mc Conaughy. Overnight Horse Transporters welcome.
Facilities: 7 Indoor / 5 Outdoor stalls, holding pens, Round Pen, arena, walker, 110 acres of riding area, camper hookup, Vet/ Farrier on call.
Proof of Negative Coggins test & health papers required.
We also rent on a 3 night minimum basis: Scherazade Pointe Vacation Home located at Lake Mc Conaughy, just abou;t a 25 minute drive from the Stables.
Stables and the Vacation Home webside
Stables and the Vacation Home webside

Call for reservations/rates...Toll-free (877) 241-8653, Fax (308)889-3538
Address: 1625 Rd 203 Big Springs, NE. 69122
E-Mail: Lori Hobelman Click Here

Diamond B, Inc.
York: We offer overnight boarding in York, Nebraska, conveniently located at the junction of I-80 and Hwy 81. We have 20 indoor bedded stalls, 6+ runs, indoor/outdoor arenas, round pen. Owner and vet on premises.
Easy access for any size rig.
Bryan and Diane Buss
1605 Road L
York, NE 68467
Phone 402/362-5439 or 402/363-4475 cell

E-Mail: Diamond B, Inc. Click Here
Web page Diamond B, Inc. Click Here

Fonner Park
Grand Island: Call to confirm availabilty.
Charge for boarding $15/night, there is also a $15 fee for hook-up (electric). Fonner will clean up, but they do not provide feed or grain.

Overnight boarding is not available during live race season, Jan through mid-May, nor at times when there are large events or shows going on at Fonner, such as the state 4-H Horse show unless there is space available. One should still call ahead for availability. In Grand Island, though, we do have private stables that will assist in boarding horses over night and more information and assistance is available through the convention and visitors bureau.
Grand Island / Hall County Convention Visitors Bureau
2424 South Locust Street, Suite 'C'
Grand Island, NE 68801
fax - 308-382-4908

Drinkable water from threaded hydrant. No electric; no dump station. Stable horses in Barn N; bring in own bedding, feed, hay; must remove same.
Equine Veterinary Associates across from entrance to park PH 308-382-8365.
Close to grocery, laundromat, feed/hay supplier.

Directions: I-80 to Exit 318; turn right (north, Hwy. 2); turn left on Hwy. 34 west); travel 4-5 miles along winding road, look for small brown/white sign on right, turn right on Stuhr Rd. Travel 1-2 miles, pass the golf course, turn left on Stolley Park Rd.

new access from I-80 to Exit 314 - direct access via Locust St.
Fonner Park
PO Box 490
Grand Island NE 68802
PH 308.382.4515
Submitted By: Georgi Hockaday Click Here

Miracle Hills Ranch & Stables
Fort Calhoun: Miracle Hills Ranch offers overnight boarding for your horses at $20.00 per horse/stall per night.
This includes full use of our facilities. We offer camping with electrical and water hookups for $15.00 a night per trailer/camper. We have one 43ft concrete pad and can accommodate several trailers/campers at once.
We are easily accessible from all directions. We are located 5 miles north of Interstate I-680 on 72nd St (exit 9).

Miracle Hills Ranch & Stables
25623 county road 45
Fort Calhoun NE 68023
Contact Brenda or Jim Sheets
402 573 5429 cell# 650 5782 or 650 4382
E-Mail: Miracle Hills Ranch & Stables Click Here
Web page Miracle Hills Ranch & Stables Click Here

Windchaser Acres
Grand Island area: Newly built Nebraska horse boarding facility located just 1/2 mile South of I-80 Exit 318. Long term and overnight boarding available. 8 large outdoor pens with loafing sheds and automatic water, 4 stalls with 60' running pens attached, outdoor arena, primitive camping on site or there's a KOA campground next door, only 8 miles from Grand Island, on call vet available, large circle drive for trailers and semis, owner on premises, open year around, call 308-379-7444 or go to for more information.

We are 1/2 mile south of I-80 off Exit 318
12 miles SE of Grand Island, 18 miles west of Aurora.
It's 50 miles east of Kearney and 140 miles west of Omaha.

Windchaser Acres
Amy Jo Kent-Bures

Web Page: Windchaser Acres Click Here

Eastern Nebraska Horse Motel
Blair: Nightly and weekly layovers. 7 matted stalls in barn (11x12) and 3 open air panel stalls under shelter (12x12).
6 large exercise pens, 45x96 covered arena, wash rack, round pen.
On paved road in rural area. Owners live on site.
15 minutes from I29 at the Missouri Valley exit. 20 minutes north of I680 in Omaha.
3 minutes from Hwy 30 in Blair, NE and a half mile off of Hwy 91 at Blair.

Please contact Colleen at or call 402-427-5244.
E-Mail: Colleen Click Here

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Trail Rides (bring your own horse or mule)

North Loup River Trails
We have guided trailrides on our horses or you can bring your own. We offer camping and stable facilities for horses.
North Loup River Trails is located 8 miles east of Ord along the North Loup River.
Leave Ord East on Highway 70. After crossing the river bridge go 1.8 miles on 70, turn right on to the Springdale Road (marked by road sign) 6 miles to the ranch house.
Phone: 308-728-5950
Address: Rt 2 Box 151, Ord, NE 68862
Web page North Loup River Trails Click Here
E-mail: Terri Timmons Click Here

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