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Trails, Campgrounds and Overnight Hosts

Toiyabe National Forest
Austin: 250 miles, camping? PH 775-964-2671.
Carson City and Tonopah: PH 775-482-6286.

Washoe Lake State Park, Reno
Reno: Washoe Lake State Park, Take Hwy 395 south from Reno about 18 miles to Eastlake Blvd. turn left and go about 9 miles to the park entrance. Signs direct you to the Equestrian Area . The area is large and can accomodate any rig. There are bathrooms, water troughs , and tie racks, no corrals. There are miles of trails in the sagebrush and on the beach along Washoe Lake. The beach is 3 miles long, and the water is shallow for swimming your horse, or dog or yourself. There is about 5,000 acres of riding area in the park with no motorized vehicles allowed, and access to miles of trails on public land in the Virginia Range Mountains east of the park. The elevation ranges from 5,000 feet in the park to 8600 feet at the top of the Virginia Range. Wildlife include deer, coyote, cougar, bobcat, wild horses, badger, and many smaller critters, birds, hawks and eagles (Golden and Bald) are numerous. The lake is a nesting area for Canadian Geese and many other waterfowl. There is also fishing in the lake for Catfish, Bass and some Trout near the incoming creeks. There is also boating, windsurfing, and canoeing on the lake. And if you're really bored, hang gliding is availble from the Virginia Mts. to a marked landing area at the park. The fees are $3.00 for day use, and $7.00 for overnight.
Submitted By: Micheale & Dennis Tristram, Tin Cup Adventures Click Here

Davis Creek Park
Reno: The next place in the same area is Davis Creek Park. From Reno you drive south on Hwy 395 about 20 miles to the Old 395 turn off, turn right and go about 1/2 mile to the park entrance on the right. There is a parking lot for horse trailers that is a pull through. There are two corrals, but no overnight camping in the parking lot , you would have to camp in the park camping area. There is a fee for overnight camping in the park, but I don't know how much. The parking area is free. The horse trail is well marked and offers access to the High Sierra's via the Ophir creek trail. Elevation gain is from 5,000 to 9,000 feet. The trails are rough and rocky , but offer spectacular views.
Submitted By: Micheale & Dennis Tristram  ,Tin Cup Adventures

The Cowboy Barn
North of Reno: There is a 20 stall barn, some box stalls with runs. A round pen and some turnout, also a wash rack. There is lots of room for horse trailers and campers and miles of BLM range to ride on. Accross the street there is a hunt barn if you want to go on a real Fox (coyote) hunt and lots of cross country jumps. The Cowboy Barn is located on Red Rock Road and El Rancho Take 395 North Of Reno to the second Red Rock Exit or 395 south of Doyle CA. it will be the first Red Rock Exit. Call for more directions and reservations.
Owner: Danny Cripps (775) 969-3584

Web Page: The Cowboy Barn Click Here
E Mail: The Cowboy Barn, Danny Cripps Click Here

Ruby mountains
Elko: The Elko County Trail Riders sponsors trail rides from April thru October. June thru October our trail rides are in the Ruby Mtns, East Humbolts Mtns. or the Jarbidge wildness area.
Visit our web page and see for yourself the beautiful country that we ride in. Ride coordinator: Terry St.Louis
Web Page: Elko County Trail Riders Click Here
E Mail: Terry St.Louis Click Here

Jarbidge Wildness Area: CampDraw
From Elko, Nevada Take route 225 north 51 miles, Turn right at Charleston turn off (Dirt road) go approx. 35 miles. will be turning right at CampDraw Sign. From this camping area, The trail system in the wildness area are well mark. Approx. 50 miles of trails.
Note: You cannot Take a horsetrailer or camper to the town off Jarbidge on this road. To steep and narrow. There are signs posted.
Submitted By: Terry St.Louis Click Here

Pole Creek Campground / Jarbidge Wildness Area
From Elko, Nevada 4 hour drive. East on Interstate 80 to Wells, Nevada Take route 93 North to Rogerson Idaho. Turn Left at Rogerson. Keep on this road for approx 50 to 60 miles. Signs will be posted for Pole Creek Campground, will be on left hand side of road. This road could take you all the way to the town of Jarbidge. Road is very Narrow. There is another trail 5 miles south of the town of Jarbidge (Snowslide Gulch).
In 1995 there was a major washout of the road so you can't trailer up to the trailhead, however you can camp below.
Note: The town of Jarbidge has a gas station, store and a bar and grill.
Submitted By: Terry St.Louis Click Here

Ruby Crest trail/ Ruby Mountains
From Elko, Nevada Take route 227 east approx. 19 miles. Turn right up Lamiolle Canyon 8 miles (end of road). Trail Head is at 8000 feet.
40 miles in length. Several lakes, good fishing. The trail is good in most places, however there are spots that are rocky. There is no camping at trail head. Should have a experienced trail horse. This is the most popular trail in the Rubies so for the first 5 miles you will encounter hikers, mountain bikes, and Llama's. Most passes on the trail are at 10,000 ft. or higher.
Submitted By: Terry St.Louis Click Here

Soldier Canyon / Ruby Mountains
From Elko, Nevada interstate 80 east to exit 321(Halleck) Turn right.
Approx 10 miles turn right at sign (Lamiolle 20 Miles). Between 5 to 8 miles you will be turning left (Forest service sign Soldier Canyon). Trail head is at the end of the road. approx 8 miles.
This canyon is know for rattlesnakes. (I have only seen one rattlesnake in ten years).
Three Lakes: Solier, Robinson and Hidden lakes. Hidden lake is my favorite, sets up high and is quite hidden. Must have area map to find it. Good fishing in all. Camping is allowd in Canyon.
Note: Canyon Road is single lane.
Submitted By: Terry St.Louis Click Here

Secret Starr Trail / East Humbolts Mtns.
From Elko, Nevada East on interstate 80 Exit 321 (Halleck) Turn right and drive 17.5 miles to the Sorenson Ranch. Left hand side of the road. Park in front of Ranch. This trail is in excellent condition.
I don't know the distance of the trail system. I have gone back approx 13 miles.
Submitted By: Terry St.Louis Click Here

OverLand Lake / Ruby Mtns
From Elko. 1 3/4 hours East on interstate 80 Exit 321 (Halleck).
From the exit it's about 65 miles to trail head. Go thru Secret pass to Ruby Valley.
The Trail will be on the right. If you reach a House that has a sign in front that says "Rock House" on the right, you have gone to far. Go back about a mile you will cross a cattle guard. The trail is right off the road. The sign is small. Parking is right off the road. This is a 16 miles round trip. Good fishing.
This trail head can give you excess to the Ruby Crest Trail. No Water until you get to the Lake.
Submitted By: Terry St.Louis Click Here

Jack Creek, Independent Mtn Range
From Elko,Nevada Take route 225 23 miles Turn left Route 226, 18 miles. Fork in road turn right. 15 miles to Jack Creek turn right. Drive up the Canyon. Lots of places to Camp.
Open country, Just park and Ride. Jack Creek has a Bar/grill. No Gas Station.
Submitted By: Terry St.Louis Click Here

Tyson�s 7 Mile Ranch / Virginia City
Located 1 mile north of Historic Virginia City in the Comstock is a beautiful guest ranch with great accommodations for people and horses. While there are no horse rentals at this time, you are welcome to BYOH and ride the Comstock. It is a short ride to downtown Virginia City, Graveyards, and hundreds of miles of trails that take you back in time.
The proprietor�s Peter and Judee Sorenson are extra friendly and will cook you a meal to die for, breakfast above the barn or dinner on the patio in the serene 7 Mile Canyon.
Horse accommodations are excellent and there are several bunkhouses to suit individual needs, all of which are very nice and have kitchens. For couples our favorite is the Carriage house. For the family try the Longhorn as it has bunk beds for the kids. We occasionally ride there from our home in Dayton or up Jumbo Grade from Washoe State Park, spend the night and then ride home.
See their website or contact them at (775)847-7223 for a summer concert and special events schedule. Another great place for the kids as they have a miniature horse, pot belly pig, and numerous other animals. This is one of our favorite places!

Web Page: Tyson�s 7 Mile Ranch Click Here
Submitted By: The Kreck Family Click Here

Ione, NV
Take hwy 844 45 minutes east of Gabbs, Nevada and follow the signs for approximately 7 miles of good dirt road. Ione Nevada is a mining town known as the "town that wouldn�t die".
While there is no official Horse campground they do allow you to camp in the meadow at the south end of town and at times have had pipe corrals set up for visitors.
There are many trails, canyons and unused mining roads in the mountains that surround it.
There is even a trail that goes to a cool old mining camp from the 1800�s. The town only has about 20 structures and you can access the trails in a matter of minutes from "downtown".

In addition they have hookups for non-horsie RV�s. The town itself runs on a generator 24/7 and consists primarily of a bar/general store with a beautiful little kids park called the Little Miner�s Claim directly across the dirt street. It is located just 7 miles north of the Berlin-Icthyosaur State Park which is a small version of Bodie and a fossil site as well. The state park does not allow horses, but is well worth a visit. Trails abound and you are free to do as you wish in the wide open spaces of Nevada. If you look hard you will find multiple old mining camps in the area. We take our kids there regularly and have always been treated well. Ione is featured on a variety of ghost town Websites, but does not have one of their own. For information contact the Orehouse Saloon (775)964-2003 or email us for pictures.

Submitted By: The Kreck Family Click Here

Lake Lahontan
There is NO horse-camp per se, one area has some pens set up with barbed wire and no water available. Set up camp anywhere you like, plenty of options with lots of room.

We watered the horses through-out the ride at various locations at the lake (plenty of motorized watersports going on with the associated noise, so need a well-broke horse to water at the lake or stay to the west side of the lake where it's quieter). Otherwise you can haul water from any of the outlets at the bathrooms to your camp, make sure to bring enough buckets for this.

Excellent riding, anywhere you like, on trails/dirt roads or anywhere off-road, all sandy and flat, no rocks.
Plenty of bird viewing. Windy in the afternoons.

From Reno: I-80 East, exit first Fernley exit, right at off-ramp, follow road past the WigWam, turn right onto Alt95 towards Yerington, into Silver Springs, left on Fir (sign directing you to Lake Lahontan) and follow signs into the park.
As of 06/07 $10/night to overnight w/o boat. Horses are no extra charge.

Submitted By: Sabine McCowen/Sparks Click Here

Lake Lahontan
There are 2 horse campgrounds at Lake Lahontan.
One is located near the ranger station at beach 7 and has permanent corrals and adjacent dry camping with state park toilets within an easy walk, althogh there is alot of regular beach traffic there you can keep your horses and explore the park. The other is called "boyscout camp" and is located just outside of the park on the Carson River.
This camp features 4 permanent corrals and state park toilet.
It is located south of Silver Springs on Hwy 95, just as you pass over the Carson River turn left on the dirt road and it is less than a mile on the left. While this camp is often occupied on summer weekends, it offers excellent soft trail riding down the Carson River to Lake Lahonton State Park, and is on the annual Pony Epress reinactment ride path.
Submitted By: Kreck Family Click Here


Layover Hosts for your horse or mule. (No Trail access)

Campgrounds, ranches and trail ride places are also Overnight hosts. The places listed here are "OVERNIGHT ONLY".

This is a link to B & B Online,   Bed and Breakfast with equine accommodations

Beckridge Ranch
Las Vegas: Have indoor and outdoor stalls, arena, round pen and riding trails. camper hookup and apartment with bath and kitchen. Located close to RV park and hotels.
Address: Beckridge Ranch, 8375 Gilespie St., Las Vegas, Nevada 89123.
Our phone number is 1-800-704-8127, Dick and Gina Beck
Our home page address is
E-mail: Dick and Gina Beck Click Here
Web Page: Beckridge Ranch Click Here

Bamberry Stables
Las Vegas: Safe individual pens and turn out arena, hay available. Located minutes from the strip and nice motels. cash only $10.00 per horse. Ph 702-361-6620, for reservations
Addr: 7475 Rogers, S.W. Las vegas Nv. 89139. Don Bamberry owner

The Cowboy Barn
North of Reno: There is a 20 stall barn,some box stalls with runs. A round pen and some turnout, also a wash rack. There is lots of room for horse trailers and campers and miles of BLM range to ride on. Accross the street there is a hunt barn if you want to go on a real Fox (coyote) hunt and lots of cross country jumps. The Cowboy Barn is located on Red Rock Road and El Rancho Take 395 North Of Reno to the second Red Rock Exit or 395 south of Doyle CA. it will be the first Red Rock Exit. Call for more directions and reservations.
Owner: Danny Cripps (775) 969-3584
Submitted By: Sandy Kennedy Click Here
Web Page: The Cowboy Barn Click Here

Two Bit Ranch
If you are traveling along I-80 and are looking for a place for your horses to stay for a night. We would be a host.
We have pipe steel round pen and arena.
We require a 48 hour notice of your arrival and must be here by 7:00 pm on week days due to the fact we go to bed by 8:00 pm. (Husband gets up very early for work)
Phone nunber 775-753-7513. Best time to call is evening
We are 15 miles east of Elko. Elko is right on Interstate 80

Terry St.Louis
Two Bit Ranch
115 Dingo Lane
Spring Creek, NV 89815

Elko County Trail Riders.
E-Mail: Terry St.Louis Click Here

Stonehouse Inn
North of Winnemucca 45 minutes take hwy 95 North to Hwy 290. This Bed & Breakfast provides boarding and feed for both horses and people in tranquil Paradise Valley, Nevada. RV sites of sorts are also available. Direct trail access to the Santa Maria Range and miles of trails. It is a short drive to nearby Bar and general store and the ghost town of Paradise, as well as the breath taking views of Hinkey Summit.
The 100 year old house & ranch are set amongst giant cottonwoods. Room rates are reasonable and food is goooood! Our kids never even missed the TV.
For more information see their website or email us for pictures.
Web Page: Stonehouse Inn Click Here
Submitted By: The Kreck Family Click Here

Mahoney's Place Horse Motel
Wells: Just 12 miles from Angel Lake where there is seasonal overnight camping and trails. We have indoor and outdoor stalls, round pen and exercise arena. Take exit 352 off I-80. Go south to the City Arena road off Hwy93. Located just 3 places south of the Wells City Arena. Angel Lake RV park is less than a mile from our place. Call ahead 775-752-2711 or 775-340-3543.

Mahoney's Place Horse Motel
003 Old Clover Valley Rd
Wells, Nevada.
Phone 775-752-2711
E-Mail: Anna Perkins Click Here

BSR Stables
Las Vegas: Ultimate equine facility we can accommodate your overnight or year around boarding needs.
Only 15 minutes from Las Vegas enjoy the lights of the strip or the serenity of Red Rock Canyon.
The facility has many amenities to ensure a wonderful trip for horse and rider!

Web Page: BSR Stables Click Here
E-mail: Lindsey Boone Click Here

GGG Ranch (Triple G Ranch)
Sparks/Reno: I have a large 65 acre facility, and I can take overnight folks, as I have for several years.
I have large 62' x 48' paddocks with 12' x 12' stalls.
Night lights for night arrival. Power for folks to hook up living quarters trailers, and a restroom. FREE overnight camper stays, with mule/horse stay. large 20 acres flat cleared just for BIG, BIG rigs, or just a 2 horse.
$20 a night with out feed. $22. per night if I provide feed.
2 mules in one stall/paddock $35. per night.

Located right on Pyramid Hwy. (Route 445) off I-80 in Sparks/Reno area Nevada.

Karen Givani GGG Ranch (Triple G Ranch) 775-750-4750 E-mail: GGG Ranch, Karen Givani Click Here

Stallion Station
Reno: The Stallion Station in South Reno just off Highway 395 has overnight accommodation for horses, and trailer parking for their owners (no hookups).
15385 Kivett Lane
Reno, Nevada 89521
Phone 775-851-3077

Web Page: Stallion Station Click Here
E-Mail: Stallion Station Click Here

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Trail Rides (bring your own horse or mule)

Tin Cup Adventures
We run a pack outfit called Tin Cup Adventures in the Mt. Rose Wilderness near Reno, Nevada. We offer trail rides and pack trips for people with their own horses or our mules and horses. We also have a BLM permit in the Pinenut Mts and the Virginia Range near Virginia City, NV. PH 775-849-0570
E-mail: Micheale & Dennis Tristram

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