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Trails, Campgrounds and Overnight Hosts

Groton State Forest
Marshfield: PH 802-584-3820

Merck Forest & Farmland Center
Rupert: Merck Forest & Farmland Center. It is in Rupert, VT, on Rte 315. Located in the heart of the Taconic Range in Southewestern Vermont, trails offer a variety of terrain for novices and experienced riders. I caution you to bring your well conditioned horse as you'll want to ride and explore all day. We have always found the trails to be in excellent condition. No wheeled vehicles are allowed; hikers and horses are the only users permited. There are plenty of natural watering spots, grazing places, some lean-to sites and there are 2 cabins. Parking is the only negative we have found. It's tight if you want to park close to the center station. You can park in the field out by the road and ride in on the 2 mi dirt road entrance, that means leaving your rig exposed. There is no fee for the center, but donations are welcome. Since it is an environmental education organization, there are things to see for non-horsey family members at the center while you ride. I sincerely recommend giving it a try.
Submitted By:Jeffrey Miller

Groton State Forest, New Discovery Campground
The New Discovery Campground in Groton State Forest has about 6 campsites set up for horse camping There are hitch rails at each site plus you can use portable pens or picket them.They are just beginning to develop their facilities for horses and are very interested in improving them as the need arises.
This is a beautiful area of Vermont with lakes ponds mountaims and varied wildlife.There are logging roads dirt roads and the old railroad bed to ride. There are many things to do that are not horse related like swimming, hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing-deer, bear and moose are common. I would recommend that you make reservations as the state parks are often full. If horse people use this area it will provide impetus for further development.We need to encourage the state to provide more trail riding focilities.
Telephone numbers: Toll free (reservations) 1-800-658-6934, winter 802-479-4280,
summer 802-426-3042.
Web page Vermont State Parks Click Here
Submitted By: Hubie Wagner Click Here

This newsletter was produced by: Vermont Horse Council and reproduced on the Horse and Mule Trail Guide USA with the permission of the Vermont Horse Council. Oct. 2003

Riders have to be a member of Vermont Horse Council, and purchase a trail pass to use the system. This is required because of insurance. There is free camping (primitive) and the trails are incredible.

Web page Vermont Horse Council Click Here


Members of the Northeast Kingdom Equestrian Trails (NEKET) Committee and several riders from local clubs gathered at the trail head in Island Pond for a weekend ride on October 4th and 5th. Although there was wind, rain and hail on Saturday, the sun poked through the clouds for brief intervals on Sunday and the incredible splash of reds, oranges, yellows and greens on the surrounding mountains made up for the slight discomfort of the weather.

The weekend ride was the first opportunity that the NEKET committee has had to ride the new trail system, which just opened a few weeks ago. The committee has been working with state agencies for more than two years to develop the trail system that is made up of almost 90 miles of trails on logging roads, skid paths and trails in the West Mountain Wildlife Management Area and on private land. Thanks to sponsors and the many clubs whose financial support and labor enabled the project to proceed, NEKET is now a reality.

The weekend riders and their mounts made for a colorful display to passers-by. As well as members of the NEKET committee, there were riders from: The Green Mountain Draft Horse Association, Northeast Kingdom Wranglers and the Northeast Kingdom Pleasure Horse Association, riding Arabians, Morgan, Tennessee Walkers, Quarter Horses, and one Clydesdale, Rosie, who won all of our hearts with her easy going attitude.

The NEKET system is open from June to November 1st. Vermont Horse Council s, NEKET Committee was named corridor manager after working with David Willard, Louis Bushey and Matt Langlais of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, who patiently guided us through the process of developing a trail-use plan.

Users must be members of Vermont Horse Council and obtain an annual trail pass for $15. The income from trail passes is used for trail maintenance and insurance needed to keep the trails open. Consider joining Vermont Horse Council and purchase a NEKET pass.

Again, members of the NEKET committee want to thank the following clubs who shared our vision. They made financial contributions, joined in, and have been patient in seeing it through. Without you these trails would not exist.

Green Mountain Draft Horse Association
Northeast Kingdom Horse Association
Northeast Kingdom Pleasure Horse Association
Northeast Kingdom Wranglers
Cross-State Trail Riders
Dog River Horse Club
Lamoille Riding & Driving Club
Web page Vermont Horse Council Click Here


Layover Hosts for your horse or mule. (No Trail access)

Rodeo Grounds, Fair Grounds, B and B's, Horse Motels, Private residences

Campgrounds, ranches and trail ride places are also Overnight hosts. The places listed here are "OVERNIGHT ONLY".

This is a link to B & B Online,   Bed and Breakfast with equine accommodations

Kimberly Farms Guest Cottage, riding stables
Shaftsbury: Kimberly Farms, 1214 Cross Hill Road, Shaftsbury VT 802-442-5454. . Box stalls, turn out, also has trails.
E-mail: Kimberly Farms Riding Stables

EAST TOPSHAM, Back In Time, a place to stay with your own horse.
Back In Time Web page
Submitted By: Burnice A. Dow
P.O. Box 38

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Trail Rides (bring your own horse or mule)

Green Mountain Horse Assoc.
Green Mountain Horse Assoc. in South Woodstock, Vermont offers several trail rides throughout the season where riders bring their own horses/ mules. The dates and types of rides that we offer can be found at our website There are pleasure and competitive trail rides that are mostly on private land.
The private trails are connected by third and fourth class roads.
Web Page Green Mountain Horse Assoc.

Deborah Donahue
GMHA Trail Coordinator
Phone 802-457-1509
E-mail: Deborah Donahue

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