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the name, closest town, how to get there or phone number.

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"Preserving our Natural Resources for the Public, instead of from the Public."
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National Forest Hay regulations. You must have certified weed free hay in the Bighorns and in any other national forest in Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana and other places.
Also Brand inspections are a requirement in some western states including Wyoming. Check out the Brand Inspection page of the Horse and Mule Trail Guide USA.
Brand Inspection, Western States
Check out the South Dakota Trail Riders web page,
South Dakota Trail Riders Click Here
The SDTR may have more up to date information.

Weed Free Hay Producers
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Trails, Campgrounds and Overnight Hosts

MacKenzie Highland Ranch, Wind River Range
Dubois: camping, showers, cabins, lots of trails out from camp
Located just inside Shoshone National Forest, 18 miles West of Dubios
Ph 307-455-2208
The ranch phone # 307-455-3415.

Note from Jennifer:
We stayed at MacKenzie Highland Ranch just 16 miles NW of Dubois on HWY 26. Although it was very rocky, the facility is nice with either cabin rentals or trailer hook ups. You can ride directly onto National Forest from the campsite. We also hauled 5 miles up the road to Brooks Lake Campground. There is no horse camping next to the lake, but it was an easy 15 minute drive from the ranch. There are several trails that go up the mountain to alpine lakes that make for easy day rides. One, to Jade Lake, is very steep, but only 3 miles. Another to the Upper Brooklake is much less steep and longer at 5 miles.
The ranch phone # 307-455-3415.
Submitted By: Jennifer Click Here

Brooks Lake Trail Head
Dubios: This is a Trailhead just down the road from the MacKenzie ranch there is no horse camping at the trailhead but you can pack in or day ride from here, lots of great trails, you are in the Teton Wilderness area. Trail names are Yellowstone "it goes to Yellowstone" Bear Cub Pass, Dundee Meadows, Bonneville Pass, Dunior Trail. If packing in is your plan, we met a lot of folks in the Dundee Meadows there are several mountain lakes and the fishing is good. There are several camps in the trees scattered around the meadows. As far as I know you just take one, but you should call the Forest Service in Dubois to be sure.

Bridger Wilderness area
Pinedale: Trails, Camping, Forest service PH 307-382-5350

Double Cabin Campground
Dubois: U.S. Forest Service campground. 29 Miles North of Dubois Wy. dirt road good when dry otherwise slippery when wet. May take horses, there are corrals or tie to trailer, (hot wire is usually OK), 15 sites. (Contact Forest service.

The road to horse creek {double cabins} starts right in the middle of Dubois Wy. Just hang a right onto horse creek rd. and 29 miles later your there.
Its a beautiful spot. Also a great ride is just above Lander Wyo. on Sinks Canyon. Worthen Meadows has a great corral structure that was just put in by the Wind River Backcountry Horseman. This will give you access to the Continental Divide Trail and 100s of miles of trails.
Submitted By: Kusel's Gambles Click Here

Buffalo Ranger Station,
300 Spruce Street,
Buffalo, WY 82834-2531

Dubios-Wind River Range Phone 307-455-2466

Washakie Ranger District in Lander Wy. Ph 307-332-5460 or 332-9071
Other contacts are:

Wapiti Ranger District 307-527-6921
203 A Yellowstone Ave.
PO Box 1840
Cody WY 82414

Bighorn area
Hunters corral: Just follow 16 out of Buffalo, there is a big sign on the right, this is a trailhead and not really set up for big rigs, at least the last time I was there in 1994.

Bighorn area
Battle Park: Follow 16 out of Buffalo, go over pass and start down west side after 5 or 6 miles there will be Deer Haven Lodge on the Right, turn to the right, follow the gravel road "one lane usually with pull off's". You will cross 6 cattle crossings (15 miles), there is a big sign at the horse camp it's about 80 acres, has water for horses, and some corrals. All trails are good riding but not clearly marked, but they have a lot of traffic so not hard to follow. It's best to just ask someone who is there. You can get TOPO maps from the sporting goods stores in Buffalo.

Updated information July 2008:
Web page Bighorn NF's webpage

The TH was rebuilt last year (2007) and now contains the following improvements:
Seven corrals 24' X 24" steel pipe corrals - each of these has four 12' X 12' paddocks in them with feed bunks.
Three highlines, A couple of stalls, Hitch rails, New bulletin boards and signs, A host site, A new toilet, Stock water tanks,
Battle park TH is now managed by the Powder River RD at 307-684-7806. The site can handle around 40 horse maximum. There are no defined campingpads as this TH is not a designated campground by Forest Service standards. Dispersed camping is permitted.
For 2008 the Forest Service has a fulltime volunteer couple on site to assist visitors with questions.

Other regulations in place to protect the resources are:
At Battle Park TH all livestock must be hitched, tethered in accordance with posted instructions. There is no grazing permitted at the TH area due to the large number of recreational livestock who use this area. At Battle park TH, all livestock must restrained using Forest Service designated and constructed permanent facilities.
At Battle park TH, livestock may not be restrained by tying to trees or any other non designated objects other than a stock trailer. It is prohibited to possess or store any hay, hay cubes, straw, grain, or other forage without original and current documentation from a state certification process which meets North American Weed Free Forage standards.
All wheeled motorized vehicle travel must be on open numbered roads or numbered trails open to motorized travel. No one shall camp at, use, store equipment or otherwise occupy any single location for a period in excess of 14 consecutive days from June 1 through September 10.
The visitor must move a minimum of 5 air miles from the previous camp spot.
Wilderness visitors must have a completed required registration when in the Cloud Peak Wilderness.
These are available at all major Trailheads including Battle Park TH. Wood burning fires are not permitted above 9200 feet in the Cloud Peak Wilderness.
No camping within 100 feet of water in the Cloud Peak Wilderness.
Hitching livestock to a live tree is prohibited except while loading or unloading in the Cloud Peak Wilderness.
Any camp structures must be dismantled when leaving the Cloud Peak Wilderness.
Groups are limited to 10 people with 15 head of livestock in the Cloud Peak Wilderness.
Two additional people may be in a group if a group member is trained in Leave No Trace outdoor skills and ethics. I also notice under the listing of USFS offices that the Buffalo RangerStation is now Powder River Ranger District, 1415 Fort Street, Buffalo, WY82834, phone number 307-684-7806.
And that the Clarks Fork and GreybullRanger Districts on the Shoshone NF have been closed for about 10 years. I have also enclosed a handout we use for our horse visitors with otherlocations suitable for horses on the Powder River Ranger District. Two other resources which would be very helpful for anyone visitor planning atrip to the Cloud Peak wilderness are 1) National Geographic map #720,Cloud Peak Wilderness and 2) The Falcon Guide "Hiking Wyoming's Cloud PeakWilderness".

Rules and regulations can change from year to year. However the descriptions if used with a Bighorn National Forestvisitor map (available from the Bighorn NF website) will allow the visitor to try some new areas of the forest as Battle park and Hunter THs are very heavily used and full during summer holiday weekends and most of July and August.

Web page Bighorn NF's webpage

South Fork Lodge & Outfitters
We have A beautiful mountain lodge complete with log cabins, horse facilites and hundreds of thousands of acres of National Forest and Wilderness area, in which to ride. Horse trails are numerous and maps are easy to follow. No 4-wheelers or vehicles are allowed in the Cloud Peak Wilderness area which begins only a few minutes from our lodge. We cross the big horn mountains and take horses to 11,700 feet. We also have two outpost wilderness camps located about 6 and 12 miles from the lodge.

We are located inside the Big Horn National Forest, 16 miles west of Buffalo, Wyoming on U.S. Highway # 16
I have a round pen that guests could use if you brought your own horses.
The phone number at the lodge is 307-267-2609

Wayne & Holli Jones
South Fork Lodge & Outfitters
P.O. Box 389
Buffalo, Wyoming 82834

Please visit our web site at to see our place.
Web page South Fork Lodge & Outfitters
E-Mail: South Fork Lodge and Outfitters Click Here

Oregon Buttes
Rock Springs: Trails, PH 307-382-5350

Sundance Trails Campground, horse camp
Sundance: This is a NEW campground that opened in 1996, It is north of Sundance in the Bearlodge Ranger District. Details can be obtained by calling Jerry Hagan at the Bearlodge District office Ph 307-283-1361

Yellowstone National Park
No horse camping in park. There are two areas near the south entrance.

1. Grassy lake and the trail head across the road.
The road to grassy is or was very dusty and very rough. Washboard type. lots of camp sites but of course primitive, we stayed at site by the little bridge at the trail head for twin falls.
On the grassy lake road, make sure you cross the dam before camping. its still a long dusty drive that far, best to go to the trail head then pick a spot, at least you will know where it is, and there was room for a couple three rigs across the road, water at the stream very close, you camp on the creek. is that close enough. also a dude string at the dam. We checked it out just to see if they were indeed there. Crude but a ride can be had.

You camp on the wilderness land and cross the road, your in Yellowstone.
Very nice ride and trail back to the falls but you have to tie horse at hitch post an walk back to the falls 1/4 mile easly walked. We where told at the ranger station at Yellowstone that because it was wilderness, the south side of grassy lake road, you could camp where ever you can find a spot. Which is what we did. We also camp across the road at the trail head.

2. Flagg Ranch.
First off they have moved the Flagg ranch gas station and stuff since we were there to camp but coming from Jackson just as you approach the Flagg ranch there is a small bridge, hang a right, you have to ford a small stream to get to the trail head, the last time we where there (97) the road was closed because the creek had flooded and the creek was up and could not get through or the road had washed out at the ford. Nice spot and you can ride into Yellowstone from there day ride of course. We have also rode into Heart Lake in Yellowstone and it is a very nice ride. Have ridden the trails at Jenny lake. all the trails at Pacific creek, plus a lot more in that area. check us out at
trail rider magazine
Garth & Kathy
Submitted By: Garth & Kathy Rumsmoke Click Here
Garth and Kathy Rumsmoke, Horse travel information

Teton Area
Teton area: There are lots of trails here and some are PACKED with backpackers some of the trails are: Paint Brush Canyon, Cascade Canyon, Bear Paw Lake, Pacific Creek, Box creek, Seven mile Meadow, Teton View, Emma Matilda Lake, Two Oceans Lake, Grand View Trail. I rode Cascade Canyon once it is a beautiful trail but it had backpackers every 50 feet coming and going and it's a narrow trail.

Outlaw Trail Ride
Outlaw Trail Ride out of Thermopolis - I went on this last summer & had a great time. I think they have an email address, but unsure of it, so they can be reached at 888-362-RIDE for all their info.
Submitted By: Deanna Bidwell Click Here

Teton Wilderness - trailhead
The Teton Wilderness - trailhead can be reached by entering Grand Teton National Park on 287 at Moran (if you tell them you're going out to the wilderness, there's no charge.) Turn right on Pacific Creek Rd and at the fork, turn left (right goes to private res.) Follow to the end - road is dirt & rough, but end results are worth it. You can use corrals provided by forest service or picket line, etc. There are pit toilets & fresh water from a natural Artisan well. Trails go out from there in several directions. One is a several day one that ends up in Cody.
Submitted By: Deanna Bidwell Click Here

Eagle Creek and Pahaska Trail Head
There are 2 public corrals giving access to Yellowstone and Shoshone Nat. Forest. Eagle Creek Trail Head and Pahaska Trail Head. There are camping and lodge facilities within 1 mile of each of these corrals. They were built last year and are secure.
Submitted By: Tim Doust Click Here

Wyoming High Country campsite
Cody: My husband and I went to Wyoming and stayed Wyoming High Country campsite. His mailing address in Cody, but the camp is up in the mountains.
Camping facilities: no water or electric hookup but they will supply you with a generator and fresh water to fill your tanks. Bring your own horse or ride theirs. We brought our own food but they can arrange to feed you too. Gary has weed free hay to purchase at reasonable price. We stayed over one week and plan on going again this year. They can also arrange to take you out on the trails, but we ventured out on our own. Beautiful country.
PH 307-548-7754 no address was listed except Lovell, WY
Submitted By: Teresa Bostwick Click Here

Snowy Range, Laramie
The Snowy Range is just out of Laramie, Wy. on Highway 130. It is part of the Medicine Bow National Forest. We hauled out there with the horses in July of 1996 and this July.
There is usually snow on the ground in shady places above 10,000 feet (this year was so dry we had to really look hard for it). The peaks always have snow on them. You can order maps from the US Forest Service in Laramie, and, the horse camping is at primative trail head sites--therefore no camping fees.
The closest town is at the base of the mountains, Centennial, Wy. It was only about a 30 minute drive from where we camped, and, the ski lodge/ restaurant there (The Old Corral) allows us to fill our water barrels there. There was a fire ban in effect 3 days before we got there, but, we made do. I had called right before we left and checked and we brought small BBQ grills with lids to cook on outside.
Temperatures were 40's at night and high around 70 F in the afternoon. Most trials are not marked, unless you get on a cross country ski trail. We bought large topographical maps at the visitors center, and, I had my GPS, so were we never "really" lost.
Submitted By: Starr Stoyanoff Click Here

Kara Kreek Korrals
Sundance, NEW! Horse Camp Facility. 115 year old working cattle ranch offering horse camp and trails. Beautiful setting in the Black Hills area of northeastern Wyoming, near Sundance, 'where the kid got his name'. Bring your horse and set your own schedule. Ride our clearly marked trails thru the timber, use the picnic sites along the trails, help us ride, check and move the cattle, or slumber and relax, or watch the wildlife that call our ranch home, or hunt or hike and explore. We have lots of history on our ranch. We are close to the South Dakota Black Hills and Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, Crazy Horse, the Big Horn Mts and lots more.
Stay by the day or week. We would like to hear from you. For more info, please call, Dave & Jackie Canfield, Sundance, Wyoming, 307-283-3940.
E-mail Kara Kreek Korrals Click Here

Quarter Circle JK
Our ranch is located just outside of West Yellowstone in Montana. (approximately 8 miles) We just moved here recently and would like to invite people to come out to our ranch with their horses/mules. The back gate to our property leads right on to National Forest Service ground. We have 280 acres of pasture, many creeks run through the pasture and we are located right on the South Fork of the Madison river. We have 3 cabins that can hold up to 6 people in each, but if any one wants to pitch a tent they can bring their camping gear. Also have ample parking for horse trailers and Rv's
Quarter Circle JK web page
E-mail Quarter Circle JK, Lorraine & Michael Click Here

The Carnahan Ranch
The Carnahan Ranch which resides in Fort Laramie, Wyoming now has it's own web site.
The Carnahan Ranch welcomes weddings, anniversaries, parties, family reunions, Girl and Boy Scout Jamborees or camp outs, and other group activities.

We host roundups & cattle drives and historic group tours. Group agriculture tours can be arranged as well as other group activities. We do not lease horses. Horse activities are "BYOH", bring your own horse. Stabling arrangements can be made.

Historic reenactment groups are always welcome. You'll love the place for its history and location at Fort Laramie.

Get your group together (with or without horses) and join the fun. Ranch-style meals are available for groups with advance reservations.

Web page Carnahan Ranch click here

Heart 2 Heart Ranch
Cody: Experience true western hospitality 7 miles from historic downtown Cody, Wyoming with year-round accommodations for traveler's and their horses and pets at the Heart 2 Heart Ranch; Bed, Barn & Breakfast.
We have trailer hookups for live in outfits with or without breakfast, inside rooms, accept other pets as well, good hay and water.
Country western decor
Hearty country breakfast
Pen for dogs
Corrals & heated water tanks for horses
Summer rates $85/night
Horses $10/night
Hookup sites for live-in trailers available

Contact Heart 2 Heart Ranch
Tom Lewis & Glynn Trombetta
483 Rd. 2AB, Cody, WY 82414
Web page Heart 2 Heart Ranch click here
E-mail Heart 2 Heart Ranch Click Here

Bear Mountain Riding Ranch
La Grange: Bear Mountain Riding Ranch located 48 miles from Cheyenne, Wyoming on highway #85 at La Grange, Wyoming.
We have 8,000 acres for riders to explore, grassey parking spots for campers, 11 paneled horse stalls, an arena, and a guesthouse that sleeps 12.
Phone number is 307-834-2492
Web page Bear Mountain Riding Ranch click here
E-Mail Bear Mountain Riding Ranch, Sherri Lovercheck Click Here

Ten Broek RV Park,Cabins and Horse Hotel
Facilities. 50x90 barn, 10x90 lean with runs, round pen, and corrals. Hay,Certified, Hay cubes, and Oats available at Horse Hotel.
Six cabins with heat and ac. Each will sleep 5.
3 Bunkhouses.
use of trailers to travel to mountain trail heads free of charge.
Full hookup sites available and dry camping or tent sites.
Two shower houses, laundry, and propane.
Area 85% public land. Ride from park to 1000,s of acres of BLM.
We usually trailer to Forest trailheads, and access Cloud Peak Wilderness from there.
Location. We are at west end of Ten Sleep, Wy. (out of city limits) but walking distance to groceries, cafes, ice cream and gift shop, and bars. Ten Sleep is 68 miles west of Buffalo, Wy. on Hwy 16 (Cloud Peak Skyway) or 60 miles NW of Thermopolis Wy.
Stay for a night, week or what fits your schedule.
Questions please call or email.

Ten Broek R V Park, Cabins and Horse Hotel
PO Box Ten
Ten Sleep, Wy 82442
Phone 307-366-2250
Ten Sleep: Ten Broek RV Park, Cabins and Horse Hotel

E-mail: Bonnie & Darell Ten Broek Click Here

Wyoming High Country
Wyoming High Country is a small, secluded Guest Ranch/Bed, Breakfast & Barn, for those seeking peaceful surroundings, spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and comfortable accommodations, as they explore the Big Horn Mountains on horseback.
Ride our horses, or bring your own equine friends, and we'll provide groceries and accommodations for both.
Cabins or Lodge rooms, and all meals included in your rate. View the High Country the way it's meant to be seen; from the back of a horse! (We like mules, too!!)

Location: 32 miles east of Lovell, WY, on Highway 14A East.
24 miles west of Burgess Junction on Highway 14A
1 1/2 miles north on Forest Service Rd. 13

Wyoming High Country
PO Box 877
Lovell, WY 82431
Phone 877-548-2301

Web page Wyoming High Country click here
E-Mail Wyoming High Country Click Here

Double Mule Shoe Ranch
Centennial: Double Mule Shoe Ranch located outside of Centennial Wyoming, 31 mileswest of Laramie, owned by Dallas and Vivienne Talbott.
Some friends of ours, my wife and I enjoyed a great week in this cabin and riding into the Snowy Range mountains.
My wife and I stayed in our horse trailer while our friends stayed in the cabin.
We trailered in 3 horses and rode out from the cabin every day.
There is a trail from the ranch right on to public land. We had thousands of acres to ourselves.
The owners had set up two very nice corrals for our horses and also provided very good hay to use.
I would highly recommend this facility.
Dallas and Vivienne are great hosts. The phone number is 307-742-5629.

Web page Double Mule Shoe Ranch click here
Submitted By: Joe Bryson Click Here

Ladder Ranch
The Ladder Ranch is located on the Wyoming/Colorado border near Savery, WY and Steamboat Springs, CO.
The ranch borders the Medicine Bow National Forest and is located 30 minutes from the Continental Divide Trail.
The property is 4000 acres of private land with access to tens of thousands of public land in both Wyoming and Colorado. The ranch offers terrain ranging from easy to challenging.

The Ladder Ranch has cabins or campsites with electricity. The property has corrals with water tanks or grassy meadows with streams available for horses.
Submitted By: Meghan Lally Click Here

Valar Horse Facility
Jackson Hole, We have 4 Power & water hookups, sewer caddy, 5 Stalls,(3 w/ runs ) 8 outdoor pens, round pen, 3 types of Cert. Hay for sale, shavings, straw, grains, 2 & 4 Horse slants for rent.
Deck w / Hot tub, Fire Pit, Gas Grill & Table w/ chairs. WiFi, 1 mile from KOA, quiet dogs allowed, no stallions & arrivals by 9pm please.

Pia Valar
Valar Horse Facility
1770. E. River Dr.
Box 3365
Jackson, WY 83001

Home 307-733-2733
Cell 307-730-2733

Stagecoach River Ranch, Inc - Between Cody and Yellowstone
We are located along the Shoshone River in the Wapiti Valley. We have Big Rig Access and large Staging Areas. Dump station just 3 miles down the road. We offer multiple Post and Rail Corrals which are approximately 60' by 60'.
Larger Corrals with auto waters and run-ins; as well as Prieffert Rough Stock Pens. Heavy Duty Hitching Rails for tacking and bathing your horses.
We have Horse Trailers available to our Clients and sell Certified Weed Free Hay for those going into Yellowstone. We have a Spacious Guest House and also a Bunkhouse on the Ranch. We are located approximately 16 miles west of Cody and 28 miles from the East Entrance of Yellowstone.

Contact Information:
Linda Bortels
301 Stagecoach Trail
Cody, Wy 82414

Phone: 307-578-6074
Web page STAGECOACH RIVER RANCH click here
Email: Linda Bortels Click Here


Layover Hosts for your horse or mule. (No Trail access)

Rodeo Grounds, Fair Grounds, B and B's, Horse Motels, Private residences

Campgrounds, ranches and trail ride places are also Overnight hosts. The places listed here are "OVERNIGHT ONLY".

This is a link to B & B Online,   Bed and Breakfast with equine accommodations

A. Drummond's Ranch B&B
Cheyenne:399 Happy Jack Road, 82007, B&B, Stalls PH 307-634-6042
E-mail: Taydie Drummond, owner Click Here

Akers Ranch B&B
Douglas: B&B Stalls, PH 307-358-3741

Bit-Wyo. Ranch
Cheyenne: B&B, stalls PH 307-636-8340

Cheyenne Saddle Co. & Stables
Cheyenne: They have a full blown tack shop and plenty of room to camp. We were only there one day and night, but, I have friends who stabled their horses and went to Yellowstone for a week. They were very happy with the care that the Lakes gave their horses.
Here is the information: Toad & Shelley Lake 307-778-9718 or 1-877-445-3297 415 E. Riding Club Rd. Cheyenne, Wy. 82009.
Submitted By: Starr Stoyanoff Click Here

Blue Barn
Big Horn: B&B, stalls PH 307-672-2381

Bar E Ranch
Rock Springs: PO Box 804, 82902, Indoor and outdoor accommodations, exercise area, Fuel services, two people motels up the road, trails and space for campers. Ph 307-362-7878

Sweetwater County Events Complex
Rock Springs: Stalls at the complex, must call for reservations and availability.
Ph 307-352-6789 ext. 213
Sweetwater Events Complex Web page, Click Here
E-mail: Chad M. Banks Click Here

Wind River Quarter Horses
Pinedale: 219 Ehman Lane, 82941, Ph 307-367-4547, Ted and Nancy Reinwald,

Edna's B&B
Lander: B&B Stalls PH 307-332-3175

Stonehouse Stables
Laramie: 3070 Snowy Range Road, 82070, Don & Kaye Pratt, Stalls, Pens, People motels nearby. Ph 307-742-7512

High Country Comforts
Alta: B&B Stalls PH 307-353-8560

Rendezvous Motel
Dubois: PO box 597, kitchens, fishing, corrals for horses PH 800-682-9323

Pole Creek Ranch B&B
Pinedale: Pole Creek Ranch Ph 307-367-4433 Click Here

Johnson County Fairgrounds
Buffalo: One mile North of Buffalo PO Box 911, 82834. Showers, Water Elect. PH 307-684-7357

Central Wyoming Fair Grounds
Casper: 1700 Fairgrounds Rd., 82604, stalls, camper hookup, PH 307-235-5775

Cheyenne Stockyard
Cheyenne: 350 Southwest Dr. 82007. camper space, stalls, hay, Phone 307-634-5696. The new manager is Duanne and his cell phone number is 307-640-5087

Terry Bison Ranch
Cheyenne: Stalls, Pens, space for campers and RV's. Ph 307-634-4171 or 307-634-5347.
This is a working guest ranch, if your looking for a taste of the old west this is the place to visit for your summer fun.
Addr: 51 I-25 service road east, 82007. Terry Bison
Web Page Terry Bison Ranch Click Here

Singletree Stable
Cheyenne: 12x12 box stalls, sawdust bedding, automatic water, we do the cleaning for $15.00 per night per stall with one horse per stall except for mare and colt.
directions: exit 34 off I-80 north on College Drive through four stop lights up a long hill, at the top turn right on Thomas Road which deadends at the stable, half a mile. We are listed in the phonebook under Singletree Stable.
Ph 800-336-0287, or 307-635-6010.

McFadden Ranch
Greybull: 24 stalls, shelter and pastures. Apartment in barn to rent for overnight or short term. Horse training, training Lessons, riding lessons, apprenticeship programs, clinics and symposiums, team roping, team penning. Ph 307-765-9684 Fax 307-765-9609.
We are in Greybull, WY which is about 50 minutes East of Cody, WY.
Addr: PO Box 151, 82426. Sandy McFadden Horse training and lessons.
Web Page McFadden Ranch Click Here
E-mail: McFadden Ranch Click Here

On a String Ranch
Laramie, On a String Ranch, serving the Laramie community since 1991, provides quality horse care for local and transient horse owners. We offer high quality feeds in a relaxed Wyoming "big sky, clean air" environment, all at very reasonable rates.
The On A String Ranch facilities include:
Pastures, Paddocks, Stalls, Indoor Arena

900 Howe Road, Laramie, Wyoming 82070 Phone 307-742-4723

Web Page On a String Ranch Click Here
E-mail: Mernie Younger Click Here

Yarger Equine Center at Spur Ridge
Yarger Equine Center at Spur Ridge
25 Domino Road
Laramie, WY 82072
We have overnight boarding, full service boarding, and indoor and outdoor arenas.
Web Page Yarger Equine Center at Spur Ridge Click Here
E-mail: Jeff and Kathy Yarger Click Here

La Hacienda Sierra
Greybull: We are located in Greybull WY at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains. We offer stalls and pens for overnight horse/mule guests as well as a 28' RV Trailer for the people to stay. We are bordered by BLM lands and offer miles and miles of unimpeded trails for riders.
E-mail: Sierra Cotton Click Here
Web Page La Hacienda Sierra Paso Finos Click Here
258 Hwy 14
PO Box 209
Greybull, WY 82426
307 - 765 - 4551
La Hacienda Sierra Paso Finos

The Horse Motel and Bunkhouse
Rock Springs: Conveniently located just off of Interstate 80 exit 99 at the ConocoTruck Stop. Turn west on Purple Sage Road on the back side of the truck stop and between Ted's Supper Club and the Log Inn.

Dr. John E. Radosevich
63A Purple Sage Road
Rock Springs, Wyoming 82901
Reservations: PH 307-362-5867

E-mail: Dr. John E. Radosevich Click Here
Submitted By: Janine Wilder Click Here

Wayfaring Traveler Ranch
We have a place in the middle of the Big Horn Basin area of N WY. We are 3 miles east of Burlington WY.
The riding trails are just to our N on the Table Mtn of the BLM. Close by is the McCullough Peaks Wild Horse area to investigate or to our South by miles the BLM areas of Sheep and Tatmond Mtn with a huge area to explore.
We have a Guest House for the humans and a Horse Motel facilities.

The Llama Wrangler
Mike Carlson
Wayfaring Traveler Ranch
PO Box 98, 1100 Lane 38
Burlington WY 82411
Ph & Fax 307-762-3536
E-mail: Mike Carlson Click Here
Web Page Wayfaring Traveler Ranch Click Here

Cowgirl Horse Hotel
Laramie: We have overnight boarding and a B&B room for people traveling with their horses. We are located in Laramie, WY off Exit 316 on I 80.
Web Page Cowgirl Horse Hotel Click Here

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Trail Rides (bring your own horse or mule)

14th Outlaw Trail Ride
The 14th Outlaw Trail Ride is scheduled for August 7 - 14, 2004. This ride is sponsored by a committee of local volunteers. Riders will meet in Thermopolis, WY for orientation.
The ride covers 100 miles of spectacular southern slopes of the Big Horn Mountains.
Riders will travel the country frequented by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
The first night's camp is just below the famous Hole in the Wall.
The rider's fee includes water, grain and hay for their horse, meals for the rider and nightly entertainment, and transport of gear from one camp to the next.
Contact information
Vince Hayes, Trail Boss 1-888-362-RIDE or 307-864-2287
E-mail: Outlaw Trail Ride Click Here
Web page Outlaw Trail Ride Click Here

Spiritrider Wagon Train Adventures
Spiritrider Wagon Train Adventures specializes in providing authentic wagon train trips in areas such as Wyoming's famous Hole-in-the-Wall country and the magnificent Bighorn Mountains.
We provide wagon train adventures for all occasions and needs. Whether your trip is for fun or vacation, a reunion, corporate teambuilding, or a corporate retreat, Spiritrider Wagon Train Adventures can customize your trip and provide the adventure of a lifetime that you'll never forget! We also provide several exciting package trips to areas such as the historic Hole-in-the-Wall area and beautiful Bighorn Mountains of of Wyoming.

I welcome folks to bring their own horses and they do not pay the full fee. I figure folks who know what they're doing get a big break. Also groups get an extra discount.
June 18-24 2004 Hole in the wall wagontrain is being booked now. You'll find all the dates on our web site.
5897 South 12 Mile Road
Casper, WY 82604
Telephone/FAX: (307)472-5361 � Toll-free 1-866-873-9397
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E-mail: Ms. Mikel Carmon/Owner Click Here

Timberline Lodge & Big Country Outfitters
Hoback: We are a year around operation providing the finest in accommodations and activities for all seasons. Located in the heart of Wyoming's, Sublette County, rich in history and famous for numerous Mountain Men Rendezvous, not to mention the most beautiful non-commercialized scenery in all of Wyoming. Our guided trips take you into the Hoback region of the Rocky Mountains, where you can see all the big game species Wyoming has to offer including Elk, Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, Mountain Lion, Wolves and Bear.
Timberline Lodge is ideally located adjacent to the Bridger Teton National forest. It's far away from the crowds, 35 miles from the nearest paved highway and only a few feet from millions of acres of pristine forest.
Visit our web site. Please click on the activities or areas of interest that you wish to learn more about. We hope to see you at the ranch. Come and join us for the adventure of a lifetime in Wyoming.
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