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A Note from Dick Manders, March 30 2003
We all need to be more responsible in our reporting on trail closings, erroneous rumors are always circulating.
While it is true that the environmentalists have recently filed an injunction in Federal court to close the crossings on Lusk Creek; that injunction was denied by the judge. Unfortunately, before the case got to court, the Forest Service (as they always do) panicked and temporarily closed those crossings. ONLY some Creek Crossings were closed!

They DID NOT close ANY Trails recently in the Shawnee National Forest.
While this is tragic enough to trail riders and the local camps, it is not the end of the world and certainly does not close any riding here. What is more sad and certainly a dis-service to us all are the rumors that circulate about the Shawnee being closed to horses or more trails being closed.
Do not fall into the trap of the environmentalists who would love to have us all spread the word that the trails are closed. If they convince enough people, it will hurt the horse camps and when people finally do decide to come, there will be no places left to camp.

Spread the word that the Trails Are Indeed Open in the Shawnee National Forest and The Shawnee Trails Conservancy, while we could use some help, is very busy fighting to keep them open for ALL Trail Riders across the USA!

If you have any questions about the trails, please feel free to email me.

Thank You for your concern on the trails issues. We just all need to be on the same page to keep the trails open.

Happy Trails
Dick Manders
Bear Branch Horse Camp
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